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I was right about Kentucky and Andre Woodson. While Brian Brohm and Louisville were not their normally sharp selves, Woodson and Kentucky were absolutely rolling. Woodson played a near flawless game, delivering big play after big play, and Rafael Little and the ground game proved that they can control the game as well. I don’t think there is any doubt that Woodson has closed the gap between himself and Brohm considerably over the past few weeks. Expect it to continue all the way through the NFL Draft Combine.

I was wrong about Todd Boeckman and Ohio State. I fell into the trap. Washington is a nice team and Ty Willingham is a great story (how sweet would it have been for Ty to go to 3-0 on the same day that Notre Dame dropped to 0-3), but Ohio State had the horses. Betting on a freshman QB against the Buckeyes is just never a good idea, and as good as Jake Locker is he was completely overwhelmed by the more talented OSU defense. On the flip side, Todd Boeckman showed that he can carry his offense when needed as he delivered a number of big throws including one of the prettiest go routes you’ll ever see.

I was right about Alabama. Even though they only pushed against the spread, this team is for real. Terry Grant has been a revelation, but what makes this offense go is QB John Parker Wilson. Saturday against Arkansas we got a glimpse of how good this kid is, especially with DJ Hall providing an all America caliber performance on the outside. Look, nobody in the nation can stop, or even slow down, Darren McFadden, so I’m not worrying too much about the defense. The bottom line is that the Crimson Tide finally have an explosive offense to match their stingy D. If they can keep it rolling at home against Georgia this week (no small task), their late season matchup with LSU in Tuscaloosa will loom larger and larger.

I was wrong about Tennessee….and I couldn’t be happier. Boy do they suck. Let’s see, they completely folded up on defense. They can’t hold their ground at the point of attack much less open holes for their running game They don’t have enough confidence in their superstar senior QB (who’s been starting since he was an 18 year old Freshman by the way) to call a pattern where a WR goes more than 20 yards downfield. And their coach constantly looks like he’s just been harangued yet again by Steve Spurrier (it’s like he always said, you can’t spell Citrus without UT). This team is a mess. How long is the University going to let that bum Fulmer ride the luckiest national title win in the history of the sport?

I was right about Matt Ryan and BC. Ryan is simply the best and most important offensive player in the ACC. That he’s also the only player in the conference who even remotely resembles an NFL quarterback is neither here nor there. However, the bottom line is that this BC team is good…..real good, and it’s all because of Ryan. Ryan is big, strong, smart, and he throws one of the most catchable balls in the nation. With the huge win at Georgia Tech, BC appears to be on a crash course with destiny having to still go through very beatable Clemson, VTech and Florida State teams before the ultimate showdown with Miami on Thanksgiving weekend. For now, though, Matt Ryan is not only the ACC player of the year, he is on a short list of Heisman candidates.

I was wrong about Nebraska. Well, more accurately I was wrong about USC. Frazier nailed it. USC simply makes it a habit of going into someone else’s stadium every year and simply dismantling them. They did it to Auburn, they did it to Virginia Tech, they did it to Arkansas, and now they did it to Nebraska. And you know what, I’m sure they’ll do it again next year. Frankly, I couldn’t have been more wrong about this one. Nebraska was done the moment the Trojans stepped off the plane in Lincoln.

I was right about Auburn. Hey Tommy, what’s wrong? Nothing to whine about this year? Yup, even if there was a playoff system I don’t think it would help your pathetic team.

I was wrong about Florida. Although I still can’t help but think eventually not having any running plays that go north-south before going east-west is going to catch up to them, I think it’s officially time to issue a mea culpa. Mr. Meyer, I concede. Being soft and being fast are different things. Most importantly, you can win football games if you’re the latter.

I was right about the most important coaching hire at Alabama this offseason. Major Applewhite earned his yearly salary in 3 hours last Saturday with a masterful play calling performance culminating with his last drive masterpiece. John Parker Wilson deserves the credit for executing, but the Major proved that if you can’t have him under center for a two minute drill with the game on the line, you want him on the other end of the headphones.


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