Student body right........student body wrong  

Posted by Walter

I was right about, well not a whole lot. I predicted two games correctly (South Carolina and Kentucky covering), but neither went as predicted. South Carolina was supposed to cover thanks to the strength of their front seven (who got manhandled), and Kentucky was supposed to keep it close but bow to Arkansas’ running game in the 4th quarter (instead the Wildcats won going away). Ugh, not a lot to like here, let’s hope things get better next week. On the bright side, it’s worth congratulating Frazier on a 5-0. Nice work!

I was wrong about Anthony “Morigami”. After his disgraceful performance I literally cannot believe I claimed having him under center was a “good thing” for Penn State. “Morigami” has the arm and the size but no quarterback folds up quicker in a big game than him. Seriously, any high school quarterback in the nation could have hit that slant pass for a TD in the waning minutes, yet “Morigami” sails it high and wide by about 10 feet.

I was right about Clemson. The two headed monster is back humming and Cullen Harper is still doing his thing despite nobody in the world paying any attention (plenty of great seats still available on the bandwagon). Clemson looks like clearly the best team in the ACC but will have their hands full at GTech this week. If the Harper led Tigers go into GTech and take care of business we’ll have to start wondering why this kid sat behind Will Proctor all of last year.

I was wrong about Alabama. Well actually I was more wrong about Georgia. That is exactly the type of game that Mark Richt wins, and that is exactly why he is one of the best coaches around. His road record in the SEC is staggering, and he had his team ready to play. Bama played well enough to win, but you gotta believe they were still riding a little high from that monster win over Arkansas.

I was right about Oregon. Another week, another dominating offensive performance from my Pac-10 sleeper. This week comes their first conference test, with the Cal Bears visiting Eugene. The Ducks’ offense is clicking (there is no better QB-RB combo in the Pac-10 than Dixon and Stewart) and Autzen Stadium is one of the loudest and hardest places to play in the country. If Oregon can win this game, a top 10 ranking and a “showdown” game with USC loom.

I was wrong about Anthony “Morigami”. So wrong. God he sucks. If those Penn State receivers wanted to bring criminal charges against him for continually hanging them out to dry with high passes I would definitely take the case.

I was right about Tim Tebow. Take a look at his stat line against Ole Miss and tell me he doesn’t deserve to be the Heisman frontrunner. On the flip side, Darren McFadden and Brian Brohm’s respective bubbles all but burst with their teams’ second straight loss this week.

I was wrong about Wisconsin. They just aren’t very good. It’s kind of that simple. Iowa is mediocre. Wisconsin is slightly above mediocre. The score bore that out. The Big 10 is awful right now, so awful that maybe Michigan could storm back and win the conference title…….naw.

I was right about Ohio State and Oklahoma as sleeper national title teams. Both have been dominant and both have but one game standing between them and an undefeated regular season.

I was wrong about Anthony “Morigami”. Seriously he sucks so much. Against Michigan he folded up faster than Superman on laundry day……thank you, thank you I’ll be here all week.

I was right about……aw fuck that how about a few more jabs at “Morigami”. You think when he eats pizza he folds it in the middle? I bet he keeps all his personal papers in a file folder. His favorite Johnny Cash album is “Live at Foldsome Prison.” He probably drives a foldsmobile to practice......yeah that’s starting to feel better…’ve all been great, remember to tip your waitresses.


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