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Perhaps the most overlooked unit in the nation thus far in 2007 has been the (1) LSU offensive line, particularly on the interior. The Tigers boast the absolute best interior offensive line in the land in center Bret Helms, and guards Will Arnold and Herman Johnson. Those three players manhandled the middle of the South Carolina defense, paving the way for nearly 300 rushing yards. All three player are dominant run blockers, particularly Johnson (the least known of the three) who goes 6'7'' and 335 pounds.....The Penn State-Michigan tilt features a matchup of QB's going in opposite directions. Michigan freshman (2) Ryan Mallet looks like a future star in the making. At 6'6'' and 250 lbs. Mallett has protoype size, and more mobility than you think (see his 10 yd. TD run against the Nittany Lions). Most impressive, though, is the pure arm strength Mallett possess. I haven't ever seen a QB get more velocity on his short and intermediate throws, and while he hasn't really aired it out yet rumor has it the kid can throw the ball 80 yards!!! On the other hand, we have Penn State dud (3) Anthony Morrelli who once again shit the bed in an important game. Morrelli has the size and arm to tease you with his potential, especially when he puts up great stats in a meaningless game (see Bowl game against Tennessee), but when the pressure is on he never delivers. The guy folds up under pressure so much I think it's time we start calling him Anthony "Morigami".....Speaking of the PSU-Michigan game, am I the only one who thinks (4) Mike Hart should bring criminal charges against Lloyd Carr? 44 carries against a defense that is 100% focused on him on every play. Come on Lloyd, the kid is the heart and soul of your team (seriously, did you see him pick up Dan Connor on that 2nd half blitz!) cut him some slack....In case you were wondering, there are still plenty of seats on the (5) Cullen Harper bandwagon. Another game, another 250+ passing yards and 2 TD without an interception. The kid has talent. He makes all the throws. And he is the undisputed leader of that Clemson offense. That nobody wants to recognize this kid is their loss. I'll drive the bandwagon myself if I have to....You want to know who the most impressive offensive tackle in the nation has been thus far in 2007? Jake Long? Nope. Sam Baker? Way off. It's been Oklahoma mountain of a man (6) Philip Loadholt. Mr. Loadholt is aptly named. At 6'8'' and 350 lbs. there isn't a more dominant run blocker in the country, and Loadholt has surprisingly quick feet for a man his size. Tulsa sending 240 lb. defensive ends at him was like shooting a freight train with a BB gun. There may not be a more physically dominant player in the country. Remember, this is the guy who absolutely manhandled Calais Campbell of Miami. Speaking of which, after the Miami defensive line worked over Texas A & M, perhaps we need to reevaluate just how dominant this Oklahoma offensive line is in light of their performance a week earlier against the Canes....The latest SEC defender that I've become enamored with? Well of course it's another LSU player, this time safety/linebacker (7) Danny McCray. The sophomore from Houston was simply all over the field against South Carolina, making plays against the run and the pass. He's the heir apparent to Ali "the human missile" Highsmith at the weakside lineabcker spot. I mean seriously, where does LSU get these guys????......The most overlooked team in the country, why it's (8) Brian Kelly's Cincinnati Bearcats. South Florida's big win over Auburn put the Big East back in the national spotlight, but nobody wants to give this team any credit. Cincinnati sits at 4-0, including a win over Pac-10 supposed power Oregon State, and they've outscored their opponents 180-30. No team has been more dominant with less fanfare, and while they might not be good enough to win an all of a sudden loaded Big East, they'll have plenty to say about who does thanks to games against Rutgers, South Florida and West Virginia later this year.....Another unit getting overlooked, how about the Purdue pass offense. The Boilermakers are 4-0 and have put up at least 45 points in all four games thanks to the high powered air attack. QB (9) Curtis Painter has quietly put up nearly 1300 yards in four games with a 16:1 TD ratio. Again, this team probably doesn't have the horses to win the Big 10, but you can bet Ohio State isn't looking forward to playing Purdue on the road in two weeks.....We all know that the (10) Louisville defense has been bad, but does anyone realize just how bad? Consider the following: against Middle Tennessee State and Syracuse (combined record 1-7), the Cardinals gave up a total of 8 plays of 39 yards or more, including touchdown plays of 39, 42, 60, 78, 79, and 79!!! Moreover, Syracuse and Middle Tennessee State combined for nearly as many yards against the Louisville defense (1019) as they did in each of their previous three games combined (1191). Those numbers are historically bad.


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