Running with the NFL Draft - Part 2  

Posted by Walter

The Houston Texans are on the clock……

Do you think the Texans are kicking themselves a bit for jumping the gun with the trade for Matt Schaub? I mean, would they have given up all that they did and handed Schaub a new contract if they knew Brady Quinn would be available at 10? My guess is no.

The Texans have to be devastated that Levi Brown is off the board. They have a ton of needs, but the only player left on the board who fits a need and would appropriately be picked this high is Okoye. Still, with Schaub in tow even reaching for Joe Staley would be defensible.

Good point by Frazier. At what point do teams like Cleveland and Detroit start looking to trade up from their second round spot to draft Quinn? A team like the Patriots could be in prime position to pick up a 2nd rounder this year, and a high first rounder in 2008.

Texans select Amobi Okoye, DT Louisville

Very nice pick by the Texans. He is a classic 3 technique pass rushing tackle, and will take a lot of pressure off of Mario Williams on the outside. Not only does this pick improve the Texans interior pass rush, but it makes Williams a much better and more effective player on the outside. I’m sure the Texans would rather have chosen Quinn here and still had their second round choice, but Okoye is a very nice consolation prize, especially when one considers that Schaub may turn into a better passer than Quinn.

The San Francisco 49ers are on the clock……

This pick has to be either Carriker or Pat Willis. Especially with the news that the Niners were close to acquiring Darrell Jackson, we’d be shocked if this wasn’t a pick to strengthen the defensive front. Carriker gets the nod because of his versatility, and ability to play defensive end in any scheme, as well as kick inside in the 4-3.

Frazier: “Ginn……startling! That Dolphins selection made my day.”

As you can see, as Patriots fans we are simply terrified of Ginn. (giggling uncontrollably).

ESPN just announced that Roger Goodell has scurried Brady Quinn, and his industrial sized Kleenex box, out of the green room and into a private waiting area. While we’re all going to miss the Brady Quinn face, kudos to Goodell for doing the right thing for Quinn and his family. Frankly, it may be a while for Quinn and it might have gotten a little awkward.

49ers select Pat Willis, LB Mississippi

When you need help on defense, you cannot go wrong by choosing the best linebacker available. Willis is more of a 4-3 middle linebacker, but he will be fine on the inside in San Fran’s 3-4. Buffalo cannot be happy about this pick. Don’t look now, but the Niners are actually building a nice nucleus of young players on both sides of the football.

The Buffalo Bills are on the clock……

Leon Hall would be the smart pick here, but Marv Levy showed us last year that he is very willing to reach to get a guy that he likes. Poszlusny fits a definite need for the Bills, although he might be too much of a reach for even Marv. Then again, Marv did trade back into the first round last year to pick John McCargo, a guy he easily could have had with a 3rd round pick.

Bills select Marshawn Lynch, RB California

Luckily we were able to get the Mamula-Meter repaired just in time to alert us of the impending threat level of severe. Phew, that was a close one. Good thing we’re located in the official 323 bunker.

Wow, shocking. The top three corners are still on the board, as is Puz who Marv Levy loves and needs. Yet they take an overrated running back, to replace a guy they traded away!!!! What is going on with these teams that think they can improve by letting guys go and drafting a replacement in the first round? How have the Bills upgraded themselves at all, by going from Willis McGahee to an unproven rookie like Marshawn Lynch?

Once again, as Patriots fans we couldn’t be happier.

Frazier: “This is the best thing that could have happened to the Green Bay Packers, because now they won’t be tempted by this impending bust.”

Walter: “Well at least the Bills didn’t panic when Willis went off the board right before they picked.”

Frazier: “I’m sure they’ll be just as happy with J.J. Arrington Jr.”

Now for some instant reaction from Buffalo:

Mr. Bill: “I know we need a running back but why did we take this guy? I’m still a big Buffalo Bills fan but it’s kind of hard to care. 2007 wasn’t looking like a promising season anyways. Marv Levy is like 95 years old, I don’t think he knows what he is doing anymore.”

Ahhhhh, Autumn in Buffalo.

The St. Louis Rams are on the clock……

The Rams have a lot of options here. They definitely need help on defense, and all three of the top cornerbacks are still available. It would be surprising if the Rams didn’t bolster their secondary somehow, although they could choose Alan Branch if they feel he is the missing piece of their rush defense.

Rams select Adam Carriker, DE Nebraska

A solid pick, but is he really the best value on a board that includes Leon Hall? Carriker will no doubt play defensive end in St. Louis, and you know what you are going to get. I guess the best news for the Rams is that they didn’t panic and take Alan Branch.

Frazier upon seeing the official bio picture of Carriker: “Oh God he looks like a child of the corn.”

Walter: Here’s guessing he’ll fit right in, in Missouri.

Chris Berman: “Carriker has a lot of character.”

Walter: “Oh that’s unfortunate.”

The Carolina Panthers are on the clock……

The Panthers have traded the pick to the New York Jets

The New York Jets are on the clock……

You’ve gotta like the Jets’ proactivity, but part of me thinks this smacks of desperation by Mangini, just hoping to get in front of his old mentor Bill Belichick. I don’t see how this isn’t a cornerback.

Frazier: “Let’s not rule out the possibility that the Jets traded up to draft a new labrum for Chad Pennington.”

Jets select Darrel Revis, CB Pittsburgh

Well it had to be one of the two, but given Mangini’s history with the Belichick system, we are very surprised that this pick wasn’t Leon Hall. Revis is a good player in his own right, but not as highly ranked as Hall. Can’t help but think that Hall’s torching at the hands of Dwayne Jarrett severely damaged his draft stock.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are on the clock……

Coors Light Guy: “Coach doesn’t this guy’s hat look awesome.”

Coach Vermeil: “A lot of guys wouldn’t have reversed that.”

God I love this add campaign. The Vermeil press conference is my favorite one.

Steelers select Lawrence Timmons, LB Florida State

Once again, did the Steelers really improve themselves by replacing Joey Porter with Lawrence Timmons? I guess Porter was getting old, but Timmons is a pure 4-3 outside linebacker. Does this mean that new coach Mike Tomlin is officially getting rid of the Steelers trademark 3-4 defense?

The Mamula-Meter is definitely making some noise on this pick. You’ve got to be wary of mid first round picks who couldn’t even start for his college team until his senior season. Timmons may be a nice player, but is he really the impact guy the Steelers needed at this spot?

Frazier: “I’ll say it again. I watched a lot of Florida State games this season, and the guy you noticed was Buster Davis, not Lawrence Timmons.”

And now some instant reaction from Pittsburgh.

The Girl of Steel: “Eh...”

Ahhhh, Autumn in Pittsburgh.

The Green Bay Packers are on the clock……

Is there any way the Packers take Brady Quinn here? Just can’t see it, especially since they have publicly supported Aaron Rodgers, and they are obviously committed to getting players that will help them, and Mr. Favre, win right now. To be perfectly honest, if I were the Packers GM and Quinn was there for me at this spot, I’d punt on Aaron Rodgers and grab Quinn.

Packers select Justin Harrell, DT Tennessee

Um, what? Harrell is a nice player, but at #16? Wow, just wow. We’ve got to apologize to Packer nation. We simply didn’t think that Harrell would be picked this high, thus we are somewhat unprepared to discuss this pick.

Walter: “This just in, 5 Wisconsins killed in a stampede for Justin Harrell jerseys at the Packers pro shop.”

Frazier: “He’s an indifference maker. That’s for sure. We may have to recalibrate the Mamula-Meter.”

Walter: “Wait a minute. In 10 years are Packers fans going to be looking back and saying ‘Thank goodness we took Justin Harrel over Brady Quinn?’”

Frazier: “Fuck it. Harrell over Quinn has to be the draft upset of the century.”

The Jaguars have traded the pick to the Denver Broncos

We knew the Broncos were looking to trade up, but we thought it would have been earlier. Based on the teams that the Broncos jumped (Tennessee, NY Giants, Cincinnati) it sure looks like they are looking for a secondary player.

Broncos select Jarvis Moss

Not a shocking pick for the Broncos, but one has to wonder why they felt they needed to trade up to get him. I find it hard to believe that Moss wouldn’t have been there for them at #21. I mean Tennessee has many holes. No way the Giants go in that direction. I know Shanahan loves to trade, but this one has me a little bit baffled. Plus, Moss is completely one dimensional as a pass rusher in the 4-3. Don’t the Broncos already have a situational pass rusher in Elvis Dumervil?

Frazier: “Well it is good to see the Broncos getting a defensive lineman who isn’t a Cleveland Browns castoff.”

The Cincinnati Bengals are on the clock……

Hard to believe that Leon Hall is just hanging around at this point, but it seems pretty clear that most of the NFL teams are in agreement that he was overrated from the start. The Bengals could definitely use another corner, but the weakest spot on their defense is the linebacking corpse. Still, Beason was involved in that brawl at Miami so he has some character concerns. Basically, he’ll fit right in with the Bengals.

Walter: “I’d expect the Bengals to go secondary here, except that they’re probably targeting Pacman after his year long suspension.”

Bengals select Leon Hall

This is a great pick by Cincinnati. He definitely fills a need, and teams with John Joseph to form one of the more formidable cornerback duos in the league. More than anything, though, Hall represents just outstanding value this late in round 1. By all accounts Hall is a top character guy, which makes this pick that much better for the Bengals.

And now some instant reaction from Cnicinnati.

The Cincinnati Kid: “The greater Cincinnati area is very pleased with the pick. It’s a value pick, getting a top 10 guy at 18, and a need pick.”

The Tennessee Titans are on the clock……

Ginn was projected to be available for the Titans at this point, but thanks to the utterly insane Miami Dolphins he is long gone. With Pacman’s uncertain future, the Titans desperately need cornerback help. Chris Houston would make a lot of sense here, but so would a linebacker like Paul Poszlusny. The temptation is to give Vince Young another offensive weapon, but there isn’t really anyone who deserves to go this high. Could we see Norm Chow reach for his old protégé Dwayne Jarrett?

The Titans select Mike Griffin, S Texas

A shocking pick. Griffin is a nice player, but this is not top value for this spot in round one. We can’t kill them for choosing Griffin over Reggie Nelson, as both tend to be overrated. Still, Griffin is a sure tackler, but he doesn’t really possess the coverage skills that the NFL demands. One the bright side, we are quite certain that Griffin has never “made it rain” in a strip club, or stomped on an opposing player’s face during a game. So they got that going for them.

Frazier: “Did I miss something? Is Mike Griffin projected as a WR or RB at the next level?”

The New York Giants are on the clock……

Suzy Kolber just reported that Brady Quinn is still waiting to be drafted.

Walter: “Thanks Suze! You’re doing a hell of a job.”

Giants select Aaron Ross, CB Texas

Solid, if unspectacular pick. Ross does not have the physical tools that Houston does, but he is a smarter player, and has less of a chance of being a total bust. Again, though, the question has to be the value of this pick. Ross was projected as a late first rounder, and you have to wonder if the Giants wouldn’t have been better off drafting Joe Staley and hoping for the best.

One other point about Ross. He is another one of these guys who only had one really good season in college. He is talented, but you’ve question a guy who couldn’t even crack the starting lineup of his college team until his senior season.

The Jacksonville Jaguars are on the clock……

Will the Jaguars choose Brady Quinn?

Frazier: “If there’s one thing the Jaguars need, it’s another mediocre quarterback to add in to their clusterfuck at that position.”

This pick either has to be Quinn (value) or Reggie Nelson (need). The Jags don’t seem to have a lot of direction on offense, but I’m not certain Quinn would straighten that out. Nelson has been falling, and how, but he is a centerfielder who would immediately upgrade the Jaguars pass defense.

Jaguars select Reggie Nelson, S Florida

Wow, perfect trade for the Jags. You’ve got to believe that they would have taken Nelson at #17. They were able to trade out of that spot, pick up extra picks, and still get the guy they wanted all along, at a lower cost no doubt. They say you can’t get something for nothing, but frankly, that’s what the Jaguars just did. Finally, a team that gets it.

One major concern with Nelson, though, is that like Aaron Ross, Nelson only had one great season in college. Nelson couldn’t get onto the field as a freshman or sophomore, and there is a major bust factor here.


Clarett's Syndrome   says 11:05 AM

Honestly, I haven't had a chance to read "Part 2" yet, but I did want to share this gem with you from Sports Illustrated about Denver's attempts to trade for Detroit's pick:

"A month earlier Denver had offered two first-round picks, a second-rounder and two third-rounders, plus veteran linebacker Al Wilson, but when the Broncos wouldn't substitute another second-round pick for the injured Wilson, Millen turned them down."

That is completely ridiculous. Millen was offered five picks and a Pro Bowler, and he passed.

Absolutely insane. With that kind of ammunition Detroit could have easily gotten back into the top ten, and still had banked picks next year.

Wilson may be hurt, but he'll be on the field and productive next year. But, Millen desperately needed another wideout.

Except, of course, he didn't.

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