Running with the NFL Draft- Part 3  

Posted by Frazier

The Dallas Cowboys are on the clock……

This is the perfect spot for a team to trade up to if they are interested in Brady Quinn. The Cowboys have made it known that they want no part of this pick, and a team like Cleveland or Detroit should be clamoring to get up into this spot.

Frazier: “Gotta believe Jerry Jones is holding out for an industrial size vat of collagen to be included in any trade for the #22 pick. Seriously, that guy looks like Skeletor.”

If the Cowboys make this pick, could it be for a wideout? Meachem and Bowe are available, but Dwayne Jarrett might be the guy who would sell the most tickets.

Walter: “Geez ESPN, for the love of god stop running the ‘I’m Brady Quinn’ draft promos. You aren’t gonna be happy until we find his body hanging by that hideous necktie in Goodell’s private room, are you?”

The Cowboys have traded the pick to the Cleveland Browns

This has to be Brady Quinn. Damn, was hoping he’d fall to the Pats and they could make the deal. Oh well, let’s see what the ‘Boys got for the pick.

Browns select Brady Quinn, QB Notre Dame

Wow, what value for the Browns. They have got to be thrilled with getting both Joe Thomas and Brady Quinn in this draft. It remains to be seen what they had to give up to get into this position, but I’d bet next year’s first round pick was involved.

All in all this actually worked out well for Quinn. Not only does he go to his hometown team, but he goes there in tandem with the best blind side tackle in the draft (Joe Thomas). Thomas can protect Quinn’s blindside for years to come.

Walter: “The Browns front office is unavailable for comment. They must be working the phones like crazy trying to get Army or Navy on their schedule.”
Frazier: “Braylon Edwards is honing his defensive back skills as we speak.”

Frazier: “I guess dreams really do come true Brady. You got drafted 22nd overall just like you always wanted.”

The Browns had to give up their 2nd round pick this year, and their first round pick next year to get Quinn. It’s hard to imagine that their first rounder next year won’t be a high pick, but it will be a smart play if Quinn turns out to be a better passer than anyone who might be available in the top 10 in 2008. Overall, it’s a great trade for both teams.

Walter commenting on the Quinn interview: “Brady, I know you lost millions by not being drafted in the top 10, but it’s called Clearasil buddy. It costs like a buck and a half.”

The Kansas City Chiefs are on the clock……

It really would have been interesting had Quinn fallen all the way to Kansas City. As things stand, however, this pick has to be either a wideout or a left tackle (Joe Staley anyone). You just can’t lose as many quality players on the offensive line as KC has and still compete in this league.

Chiefs select Dwayne Bowe, WR LSU

Great value pick by the Chiefs here. While they sure would have loved to get Brady Quinn, I cannot even remember the last time they had a wideout who has the skill of Dwayne Bowe. This pick does not address either their defensive needs or their deficiencies on the OL, but it’s hard to quarrel with it.

Frazier: “Will Dwayne be required to throw the ball to himself?”
Walter: “No but he may be asked to play left tackle.”
Frazier: “I’m pretty sure Larry Johnson could still run behind that.”

The New England Patriots are on the clock……

Well there is no point in even attempting to guess where the Pats are going with this pick. They always take the best player available, and only Belichick and Pioli know who the top player on their board is. Staley, Puz, Harris, Houston…..the list goes on. Anybody is possible.

Walter: “The only thing more certain than the Pats taking the best player available, is them taking a tight end, or two, or five.”

Frazier on the Phil Savage interview: “Apparently there are no windows in the Browns war room.”
Walter: “He looks like another child of the corn. Maybe he hangs out with Adam Carriker.”
Frazier: “He’s like a paler version of Trey Wingo.”
Walter: “Wait, is that even possible?”

Patriots select Brandon Merriweather, S Miami

An interesting pick. Merriweather has first round ability as both a safety and a cornerback (and a kicker), but he has major character concerns coming in. This is a big time boom or bust pick for the Pats, although their track record has earned them the benefit of the doubt. Merriweather should be able to come in and contribute as a starter or nickel back from day one. Weather he can stay out of trouble is something else entirely.

Walter: Merriweather was one of my absolute favorite college football players coming into the season. I still remember watching him dominate (!!) Florida State as a junior two seasons ago. Merriweather has all kinds of ability (more so that both Mike Griffin and Reggie Nelson), and I just hope that Tom Brady, Richard Seymour and Co. can keep this guy in line.

Trey Wingo: “The only red flag for Merriweather was the shooting incident outside his apartment."
Walter: “Oh that’s it. I thought he had real problems.”
Frazier: “Maybe their holding out the 28th pick for his parole officer.”

The Caroline Panthers are on the clock……

Conventional wisdom says that the Panthers can still grab Greg Olsen at this spot. If he is the guy they wanted all along than they’ve done a phenomenal job here. Although the last time we praised a GM before he made the pick, it was Randy Mueller and we all know how that turned out.

Walter: “I can’t imagine the Panthers really wanted Greg Olsen and still agreed to trade down behind the Patriots.”
Frazier: “Tight ends give Bill Belichick wood.”
Walter: “Hoping a tight end is available after the Patriots pick, is like hoping there are some hotdogs left after Kobayashi does his thing.”

Panthers select Jon Beason, LB Miami

Two Miami Hurricanes in a row, and two solid picks. Beason is a tremendous inside linebacker prospect, and he could be the replacement for former Hurricane Dan Morgan. The Panthers do seem to have other needs, however, but Beason is a pretty good addition and should be able to help all along. If this was the guy they coveted, then once again, great move trading back in the draft to get him.

The Philadelphia Eagles are on the clock……

The Eagles have traded the pick to the Cowboys

Now this is interesting. Who could the Cowboys be targeting by trading back into the first round? I doubt they are looking at one of the wideouts because they are all kind of bunched up at this point, and would probably be available with the Browns pick early in round 2. Could they be looking at either Joe Staley or Anthony Spencer?

And what are the Eagles thinking? Were they so hoping for Beason or Merriweather that they had no backup plan? Philly has plenty of holes, and I’m just no sure if this was the best move for them.

Frazier: “Maybe they shipped their first round pick to Dallas to reacquire T.O.?”
Walter: “Yeah maybe.”

The trade was just announced and, hard as it is, we gotta give props to Jerry Jones. The Cowboys moved back into the first round by giving up a 2nd (presumably the Browns pick), a 3rd and a 5th. Basically, what all these transactions come out to is that the Cowboys traded back from #22 to #26 and gained a probable top 15 first round pick in 2008. Also, remember that they did not make these deals blindly. They traded back and then up again, meaning whoever they wanted was still on the board at #26. Absolutely brilliant pick management.

Cowboys select Anthony Spencer, DE Purdue

Walter: Yes. I fucking wanted this all along. I insisted that we have Spencer going to the Cowboys in our mock draft and I was right. Spencer is an outstanding pass rusher, and perhaps the best penetrating perimeter player in the draft. He is a perfect fit opposite Demarcus Ware in Wade Phillips’ defense, and he should be an absolute stud before too long.

Overall a great pick for the Cowboys. They fill a need by picking the guy they wanted at #22, plus they get Cleveland’s first rounder next season, which should be in the top half of round 1 (ever higher if Brady Quinn wins the starting job).

Frazier: “Is Jerry Jones smiling, or is his face just stuck that way?”

The New Orleans Saints are on the clock……

If they don’t pick Paul Poszusny or Chris Houston we will be stunned. Puz is a very solid, and more importantly safe, linebacker prospect, while Houston would give the Saints a dynamic young corner to replace the ancient Fred Thomas. The Saints are in somewhat of an enviable position, as there are a ton of quality players left on the board. Puz and Houston are the best bets, but if they wanted to go offense, Greg Olsen would be a very nice option for Drew Brees.

Saints select Robert Meachem, WR Tennessee

Wow, questionable at best. The Saints put up a ton of points in 2006, but their Achilles heel was their defense. True they lost the decrepit Joe Horne, but correct me if I am wrong but don’t they still have three outstanding young wideouts in Marques Colston, Devery Henderson and Terrance Copper? Meachem is a nice talent, but he is going to enter 2007 as the 4th wide receiver on this team. The 27th overall pick seems like a steep price to pay for a backup, especially when guys like Puz and David Harris are still available.

Frazier: “Didn’t you know Meachem is projected as a cornerback?”
Walter: “That’ll happen when you have Erik Ainge throwing balls up for grabs.”

The New England Patriots are on the clock……

Walter: “Greg Olsen is still on the board. Hmmmmmmmmmmm.”
Frazier: “Bill Belichick is a diabolical genius.”

We’ve been at this for too long, and it’s the Patriots. We just don’t feel like trying to predict what they’re gonna do.

The Patriots have traded the pick to the 49ers

Walter: I knew the Pats wouldn’t draft at both 24 and 28. The Niners have to be looking at offensive line here, hence the need to jump in front of the Ravens. Joe Staley would be a great value pick here, and would provide Alex Smith with a long time blind side protector.

The 49ers select Joe Staley, OT Central Michigan

Very nice pick by the 49ers. They probably didn’t have to give up all that much to get to 28, and they grab an incredibly athletic offensive tackle, who we believe could end up being the best of the trio of first rounders.

Walter: “You see, Belichick is just betting that Greg Olsen is available early in rd. 2, and now he’ll have to pay him that much less.”

The Baltimore Ravens are on the clock……

Frazier: “They’ve got to be pissed that Staley just went in front of them.”

Frazier: “If the NFL were the NBA, Joe Staley’s upppppppside would have gotten him into the top 10.”
Walter: “If the NFL were the NBA, Brady Quinn would have gone to Duke.”
Frazier: “He’s got the skills and the acne to play in Durham…..just ask J.J. Redick.”

The Patriots received the Niners 4th round pick this year, and the 49ers 1st rounder next year. What????? What are the Niners thinking about? Wow, they’d better hope that they improve by leaps and bounds, or else they just killed themselves to get a late first round pick. This is relatively safe for the Patriots, as San Fran’s pick almost assuredly will be lower than 28 next year. But this could be a disaster for the 49ers, if they backslide with a much more difficult schedule in 2008 and end up in the top 10.

Great gamble for New England.

The Ravens select Ben Grubbs, OG Auburn

Solid pick by the Ravens, but they have to be devastated that they missed out on Staley by a single pick. Grubbs is a great guard prospect, but he just isn’t the type of impact player that Staley could have been.

Frazier: “Grubbs has to be the captain of the all indifference team.”
Walter: “I dunno, Grubbs is a pretty good player.”
Frazier: “How can anyone be excited about drafting a guard when your team couldn’t score any points?”
Walter: “Good point. Nobody’s running out to buy a Ben Grubbs jersey.”

The San Diego Chargers are on the clock……

The Chargers select Craig Davis, WR LSU

Wow, the Mamula-meter is making some serious noise on this one, it may not make it through the day.

Um, what? Seriously, what? Craig Davis? Did we fall asleep and wake up in round three? A.J. Smith is aware that there were two wideouts from LSU right? He knows he didn’t just draft Dwayne Bowe?

I think Dwayne Jarrett and Sidney Rice just threw up in their mouths. Craig Davis might be a nice player, but this is just a terrible value pick in the first round. I guess the Chargers are just one of those teams that is afraid of success. You’re biggest Achilles heel this past season was your inability to catch the football and make plays on the outside, so you draft a project wideout when polished guys like Jarrett and Rice are still available.

Frazier: “Norv Turner has the longest arms in the league.”
Walter: “What?”
Frazier: “Like that’s not the biggest reach you’ve ever seen.”

Thank you, thank you, we’ll be here all week.

The Chicago Bears on are on the clock……

Walter: “Any way this pick isn’t Greg Olsen?”
Frazier: “I’m not sure, I think they’re still reeling from missing out on Craig Davis.”
Walter: “Yeah that does hurt.”

The Bears select Greg Olsen, TE Miami

Very nice pick by the Bears. Olsen is great value at this position, and provides Rex Grossman (or whoever they have behind center in 2007) a great dump off option.

Walter: “That sound you just heard was Bill Belichick banging his head against the wall in frustration.”

Frazier: “I heard that Olsen is planning on going for a celebratory motorcycle ride with Kellen Winslow later today.”
Walter: “You think they’ll be popping wheelies?”
Frazier: “You bet! They’ve already got the microfracture surgery scheduled.”

The Indianapolis Colts are on the clock……

In the spirit of honest, we here at the323 are rooting like hell for the Colts NOT to select 323 fav Paul Poszusny, and to select 323 whipping boy Alan Branch. Oh, that’d be sweet.

The Colts select Anthony Gonzalez, WR Ohio State and his oxygen tent

Thank goodness it wasn’t Puz. Nice pick by Indy and Gonzalez will fit right in a slot receiver. That’s all we got. Seriously, we’re comatose. Hope you enjoyed the draft, we’re gonna go die now, thanks.


Clarett's Syndrome   says 2:17 PM

In the interest of trying to convince you guys to do draft grades, I'm going to do draft COVERAGE grades, for each of your three parts:

Part I: B-
Walter and Frazier took a little too long to make this pick, and the draft coverage value of a Tuesday post is not the same as a "live blog" format might have been. What really killed you, though, was that you didn't crack a beer open until well into the draft. Just a terrible management decision.

Part II: B+
As far as the draft goes, I pretty much only care who goes first, where Buckeyes go, and who goes to the Bengals. So I can't complain about a round with Cincinnati coverage. Other highlights: "oh that's unfortunate," "indifference maker," and the crack on Suzy Kolber's Quinn coverage. I'd give it an 'A', but I can't listen to more Bengals arrest cracks like, "Still, Beason was involved in that brawl at Miami so he has some character concerns. Basically, he'll fit right in with the Bengals.

Part III: A
The Clearasil joke was great value for so late in the day. More great stuff with the Patriots tight end/Kobayashi joke. Frazier gets points for the so-bad-it's-good "Norv Turner has the longest arms in the league" joke. The only thing that kept you from an A+ was the fact that you didn't mention Brandon Merriweather stomping the entire FIU football team. Homerism?

Overall, very strong work. Now if you can get your blog to print apostrophes instead of "’"s, we'll really be talking.

(See how easy these grades are? You just give the Bengals a B+ or higher, crap on the Steelers, tell me that the Browns pickups of Quinn and Thomas won't screw the Bengals for years to come, and give most other teams C's.)

I promise you, grades are coming next week.

Frazier   says 7:30 PM

In our defense we ABSOLUTELY made a Meriweather stomping joke. We said that he could play cornerback, safety or KICKER!

Sorry it actually required a moment of thought. We really should have known our audience better.

Clarett's Syndrome   says 10:42 AM

"Or kicker"? That isn't a cerebral joke, it's a not-funny joke.

Its interesting looking back at drafts a few years later and seeing how different picks panned out. A guy like Adrian Peterson drops all the way to 5th and now he is arguably the best player in the NFL.

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