2007 Mock Draft version 2.0 (Part III)  

Posted by Walter

33. Oakland Raiders - Tony Ugoh, OT Arkansas

Walter: After addressing the QB situation in round one, the Raiders are thrilled to get one of the most athletically gifted tackles in Tony Ugoh. Ugoh struggled a bit in Mobile but was extremely impressive in Indianapolis. If he is still available at #33, the Raiders will walk away with two first round caliber players.

FF: Well, one of our biggest problems last year was that fact that our quarterbacks spent an inordinant amount of time on their asses. Also, they sucked. But now that we have a good quarterback, we should probably give him a chance to actually throw the ball. Great pick.

34. Detroit Lions
- Brandon Merriweather, S Miami

Walter: Although Merriweather did not run well in Indy, he has proven time and again that he is as good a safety as their is once he gets on the football field. It's his character issues off of it that cause him to fall all the way to #34 and the Lions would be somewhat foolish not to take a chance on him here. He could prove to be the equal of first rounder Reggie Nelson.

FF: Woohoo! Okay, this guy may have some personality problems, but he'd have to to fall this far. This is first round value at a position where we need help. He's awesome in coverage, and a great athlete. How much trouble can a guy get into in Detroit? Wait, don't answer that.

35. Cleveland Browns
- Anthony Spencer, DE/OLB Purdue

Walter: Spencer has become something of an overlooked player, but he represents outstanding value for a team like Cleveland in the second round. Spencer can play end or backer in the 3-4 and profiles best as the heir apparent to Willie McGinest at the "elephant" position he has made so popular. This could end up being the best selection of round 2.

FF: A PERFECT fit. Look, we'll take a McGinest-type player at this point in the draft, and Spencer is exactly the player Romeo has been looking for since he took over the defense. This is as good as it gets!

36. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
- Sidney Rice, WR South Carolina

Walter: Jon Gruden has shown a propensity for bigger WR in recent years, and Rice is a first round talent who falls this far because of a deep wideout class. Rice will immediately provide stability for the Bucs WR corpse, and provide insurance for Mike Clayton in the event he cannot return to his rookie form.

FF: YES! This draft is so deep at WR that you just knew a stud would fall to us in this slot. Rice is a 1st rounder virtually any other year. He should have been the returning receiver in all of college next year, as it is, he's a steal in the second round.

37. Detroit Lions +
- Ben Grubbs, OG Auburn

Walter: The Lions could afford to forgo Joe Thomas because they have Jeff Backus and Jeff Foster. They don't have the same caliber of players inside and getting Grubbs, who many have as the top guard in the draft (I prefer Blalock), provides an instant upgrade at whatever guard spot he starts at. He is one of the few players left who can start right away.

FF: The transformation of our offensive line is complete, we didn't have to waste the #2 to get there, and we have an instant starter with a second round selection. Pretty much couldn't have worked out better for us.

38. Chicago Bears
- Zach Miller, TE Arizona State

Walter: Wow, who'd a thunk a week ago that Miller to Chicago at #38 would be viewed as a huge reach. Miller's performance at the combine notwithstanding, he is still the consensus #2 tight end on the board and the Bears desperately need help at that position. However, if the Bears took a gamble on someone like Drew Stanton it would really bring the house down.

FF: Really? Ugh. I am not a fan of Miller who looked mediocre at the combine. It's not like he has blocking credentials from his time at ASU. This is Chicago, this is Mike Ditka's town, you better be willing to play tough. And he's not a stellar athlete. Maybe a McMichael-type player would be better for us. Or maybe we just take Miller later.

39. Tampa Bay Buccaneers * -
Eric Weddle, S Utah

Walter: Weddle is something of a reach here, but in my opinion he actually projects best as a cover 2 safety. In the cover 2 Weddle will be able to use his recognition skills and instincts to make a lot of plays on the ball. Plus he won't have to spend a lot of time playing man coverage. Think Dwight Smith in his prime.

FF: I love Weddle, I really do, but this seems a little too soon. However, if he's as good I think he might be, then maybe it works out.

40. Houston Texans
- Charles Johnson, DE Georgia

Walter: Shockingly the Texans make a very shrewd pick here, grabbing a bookend who can play opposite Mario Williams for several years. Johnson is not the physical freak that Williams is, but he is technically sound against the run and pass, and has a quick enough burst off of the line that he has to be accounted for. He might start from day 1.

FF: I love the pick! Johnson may have slipped last year, but he was formerly a top draft prospect, and that's because he is a talented guy. His slipping doesn't have anything to do with personality, and now he has a chance to show us why he was so highly regarded.

41. Miami Dolphins
- Drew Stanton, QB Michigan State

Walter: Whether they land Trent Green in a trade or not, Miami would love to get their hands on a talent like Drew Stanton. Stanton is a unique QB talent and could really develop into something special if coached properly. I can think of worse situations than Miami to walk into, as Stanton would be teamed with guys like Ronnie Brown and Chris Chambers, as well as offensive guru (and architect of Phil Rivers' development) Cam Cameron.

FF: We definitely need a quarterback of the future. So this makes sense. It's just that Stanton was part of a Jekyll-Hyde Sparty offense, so I'm nervous. Although, the kid has guts, and he's a slinger, so I'm hopeful.

42. Atlanta Falcons
- Anthony Gonzalez, WR Ohio State

Walter: This could be the sleeper pick of the entire draft. Gonzalez ran very well at the combine and could really make some things happen in Bobby Petrino's wide open passing attack. At Louisville Petrino's best known wideouts were the big ones (Mario Urrutia), but his most productive were the little guys who knew how to get open (Harry Douglas, Deion Branch, Arnold Jackson). Gonzalez fits the profile of the latter and could be a monster.

FF: An excellent pick! The prototype guys have been a disaster in our offense, so maybe it's time we just get a tough guy with good speed and a good track record. Gonzalez has a ton of potential, and maybe Petrino will finally find a way to get Vick to produce.

43. San Francisco 49ers
- Eric Wright, CB UNLV

Walter: This is less of a concern after landing Nate Clements, but Wright is a smallish, fast as lightning, ballhawking DB who might project best as a nickel man in the mold of Asante Samuel. Clements is going to be great but he is a bit old, and Shawnte Spencer is a nice player but he is a bit slow. Wright would be able to make an immediate impact on passing downs and potentially develop into a top flight starter.

FF: More help in the secondary is a good way to live! Wright has a lot of ability, and having a good secondary will equal wins in the future.

44. Buffalo Bills
- Marshawn Lynch, RB California

Walter: It's no surprise that the Bills want to get rid of Willis MCGahee. What is a surprise is that Marshawn Lynch lasts this long. If Lynch begins to fall as he may, the more likely scenario could see the Bills trading up to the late first or earlier in the second round to snag him, but regardless he ends up in Buffalo replacing McGahee.

FF: Well, McGahee is gone, and I'm not shedding a tear. Lynch is a more than capable replacement, and probably not an obnoxious jerk. This is great value this late in the round. Maybe we DO know what we're doing...

45. St. Louis Rams
- Quentin Moses, DE Georgia

Walter: After a long wait, Moses is finally snapped up.....and actually finds himself in a pretty good situation. The Rams have had some pretty good success using smaller defensive lineman (e.g. Leonard Little) and Moses should be able to learn the trade from Little for a year or so before taking over. Whether Moses has the explosion is another matter.

FF: This is another guy who has lots of potential, and was considered a stud a few months back, so it's a steal this late. Moses gives us an infusion of talent on the d-line. We needed to get better on the line, and now we have.

46. Carolina Panthers
- Josh Beekman, OG Boston College

Walter: Even when they made it to the Super Bowl the Panthers running game was somewhat suspect. Beekman, a big, agile run blocking goon from the OL factory that is Boston College, is exactly what the Panthers need to solidify their line and churn out some rushing yards. If Stanton falls to them they'd be stupid not to snatch him up and a trade up for the Michigan State QB isn't out of the question either.

FF: A BC mauler in classic tradition. This one definitely works for me. He's a big nasty kind of guy, and he's going to step in and make a difference for us. Exactly the kind of value you get in the second round.

47. Pittsburgh Steelers
- Brian Leonard, FB Rutgers

Walter: An interesting pick, but an outstanding fit for the versatile Rutgers star. Pittsburgh has grown very fond of the two back tandem scheme and Leonard represents a perfect thunder to Willie Parker's lightning. Leonard can run, block, and catch, and fits in almost perfectly with what the Steelers' offense has been missing.

FF: I love Leonard as a fullback, but not as a running back. Maybe he can compliment Parker, but he might just be the wrong mix of speed/size to run past OR over anybody. Still, he's a good character guy, solid, and willing to do what it takes to win. Could be worse.

48. Green Bay Packers
- Antonio Pittman, RB Ohio State

Walter: Even if the Pack add Corey Dillon or Jamal Lewis, neither of them are the long term answer. Pittman, who has been underrated from day one, won't be able to carry the load right away, but the Packers have enough depth that they can ease him in. This would be outstanding value for the Packers, and would be a great situation for Pittman because he wouldn't be asked to do too much right away.

FF: Now THIS is a Buckeye I want on my team. Pittman was the only player to even show up for the BCS Championship, proving he was the MVP of that team. He ran a lot faster at the combine than anyone expected, and has pretty solid size/speed. Pittman is a long-term answer to replace the decaying Green. Perfect fit.


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