2007 Mock Draft version 2.0 (Part II)  

Posted by Walter

17. Jacksonville Jaguars - Chris Houston, CB Arkansas

Walter: Jacksonville badly needs secondary help both at the CB opposite Rashean Mathis and at safety. Originally I had Reggie Nelson pegged to go here. While that could still happen, his sub par combine workout may cost him, especially when compared to Houston's Vernon Davis like performance.

FF: Houston looked awesome at the combine, and I am STOKED about getting a CB. Our defense is looking pretty good, and I'm not sure where we need help offensively (other that picking a friggin quarterback!) Although Houston was good last year, I'm a little nervous about workout warriors.

18. Cincinnati Bengals
- Greg Olsen, TE Miami

Walter: What a difference a week can make. Last week we had Olsen going to the Bengals in the 2nd round, but his 4.5 40 time and 22 bench reps proved that Olsen has the skill set to be an elite level NFL tight end and a sure fire first round pick. While the Bengals could certainly use some secondary help (Revis and Nelson are definite option), Olsen is too good to pass up.

FF: Hmmmm, I'm torn. Although another offensive weapon is tempting, especially to complete our set, I wonder if this is really where our focus should be. Our linebackers are all friggin infants, although I guess there isn't anyone at this spot to help. Joseph was good as a rookie last year, but our secondary still has holes. This seems a tad superfluous.

19. Tennessee Titans
- Darrell Revis, CB Pittsburgh

Walter: Especially after losing Drew Bennett to free agency, Norm Chow might be pushing hard for the Titans to draft either Bowe or his former pupil Dwayne Jarrett. Still, after signing David Givens last offseason, and investing three mid round picks in wideouts in 2005 (Courtney Roby, Brandon Jones, Roydell Williams) Jeff Fischer and Co. may believe the cupboard isn't completely bare.

FF: Fucking Pacman. I can't exactly complain about this pick since that moron "made it rain" in Vegas and nearly got some people killed. I'd love a wide receiver, but we may need to simply fix a hole that we have since we drafted a complete psycho. As long as Revis has never been accused of spitting in a woman's face, he'll do.

20. New York Giants
- Levi Brown, OT Penn State

Walter: With Luke Petigout signing in Tampa, the Giants' risky decision to cut him in an attempt to sign him for a reduced price backfired horrendously. Brown's stock has fallen a bit since the Sr. Bowl, but he is a potentially dominant run blocking tackle very similar to Petigout. Depending on who else the team adds, Brown would definitely be asked to start at one tackle spot in 2007.

FF: DEFENSE! Come on, you idiots! We need a cornerback! Ugh, we lose our tackle because we're cheap, and now we waste a pick replacing him. Typical. At least Levi won't up and retire on us this year.

21. Denver Broncos
- Jarvis Moss, DE Florida

Walter: If not for the acquisition of Dre Bly, I still contend the Broncos would go after a corner here. However, with Bly in tow the Broncos can turn to the defensive line where they employ numerous retreads and castaways. Moss may be a bit undersized right now, but Shanahan has a history with undersized defensive players (most recently Elvis Dumervil and Ian Gold) and always gets production out of them.

FF: I had no idea that Jarvis Moss played a number of uneventful years with the Browns/Bengals. Wait, he didn't?! Well, that's a fucking surprise. Hopefully our defense can hold together for more than 8 games this year.

22. Dallas Cowboys
- Reggie Nelson, S Florida

Walter: Another gift from above for the Cowboys. After being repeatedly burned with the deep ball in 2006, Nelson provides the Cowboys with the perfect yin to Roy Williams' yang. Williams is at his best when he is allowed to roam the box making tackles, and his talents are lessened without a true center field cover safety behind him. Nelson will make Williams that much better and provide the Boys with the most complimentary duo of safeties in the league. With this kind of talent in the defensive backfield, the Cowboys may even be able to play "Robber" coverage, something that virtually no NFL teams have the talent to do anymore.

FF: I can definitely see this. The D needs to step up big time. I like the way our offense looks, especially if Romo can hang on to the ball. So let's get the playmaker at the safety spot. As much as I love Williams, sometimes he drives me completely insane.

23. Kansas City Chiefs
- Dwayne Bowe, WR LSU

Walter: The Chiefs need help along the OL and in the defensive backfield, but with Brown and Nelson taken in the last three picks, Bowe represents the best value at #23. With speedster Eddie Kennison on the other side, Bowe is a perfect compliment in the Chiefs aerial attack.

FF: YES! I couldn't be happier. We haven't had a legit receiver, well, ever. Kennison is okay, but we desperately need some help there. This is the fucking best news of all time.

24. New Englad Patriots
- Dwayne Jarrett, WR USC

Walter: After adding Adalius Thomas and Wes Welker the Patriots can do what they always do and simply draft the best player available regardless of need. At this point in the draft I'd bet their board has Jarrett, Staley, and Blalock at the top in some order. While Staley would be an outstanding value pick and the heir apparent to Matt Light at left tackle, Jarrett is just too good to pass up.

FF: I love this one. Jarrett was a fucking beast in college, and this is awesome value at this spot. Also, the Pats aren't a team to fall in love with 40 times and the like. The kid can play, and Belichick will find a way to get the most out of him. Not to mention that he happens to fill a need.

25. New York Jets
- Aaron Ross, CB Texas

Walter: A solid pickup here by the Jets, who are able to bolster their defensive backfield with a player who can come in and be a lock down nickel back right away, and develop into a starting corner. Ross has outstanding footwork and instincts, and most of his flaws can be corrected by Eric Mangini who used to be Bill Belichick's defensive backs coach.

FF: The Mangenius strikes again! He was the guy who coached the brilliant Pats secondary, so he knows players, and how to make the good ones great. This kid is going to start right away, and be a solid pro. You can never have too many quality cornerbacks.

26. Philadelphia Eagles
- Lawrence Timmons, LB Florida State

Walter: The Eagles almost never pick linebackers in the first round but they are so thin at the position they are almost forced to reach for Timmons here. Timmons is somewhat of a project but the Seminoles have a nearly flawless reputation when it comes to their linebackers. I also wouldn't be shocked if the Eagles went with Mike Griffin to replace Mike Lewis at one of the safety spots.

FF: Ugh. I feel like our defense is very, very, very slowly decaying. I also feel like in an incredibly deep WR draft, we should probably snag one. Especially since we don't have any. I don't know what is wrong with this team, but I've got a feeling another FSU "project" (like Bunkley last year) isn't the cure for what ails us.

27. New Orleans Saints
- Mike Griffin, S Texas

Walter: With the announcement that Fred Thomas will return as one of the starting corners in 2007, the Saints are going to desperately need some help at safety. Griffin is not the caliber of either Landry or Nelson, but he is a solid player who can contribute right away.

FF: It was awesome to see us get a pretty decent linebacker recently. That allows us to consider getting more help in our secondary. And god do we need it. It seemed like every time we'd break a huge play and score points, our defense would hand them right back. We got burned so often I thought FEMA was going to have to come back to the city. I'm stoked.

28. New Englad Patriots
- Buster Davis, LB Florida State

Walter: Reports are that the Pats are smitten with Buster Davis, whose combine workout makes this just a bit of a reach. Davis is a classic Bill Belichick type player who is unselfish and just loves to play football. With the addition of Adalius Thomas the Pats have a solid trio at OLB with he, Colvin and Vrabel, but they still lack an inside presence to play along side Tedy Bruschi. Davis would be a perfect fit to learn under Bruschi and then take his place as that type of instinctual big play inside backer.

FF: YES! I am ECSTATIC about this pick. Buster Davis is going to be a good pro. Write it down. He was an absolute tackling machine in college, and he loves to lay the wood. He loves to play football, and to decapitate running backs who can't see him behind the trees on the line. This kid is a football player, first and foremost. A perfect fit.

29. Baltimore Ravens
- Joe Staley, OT Central Michigan

Walter: John Ogden is a hall of fame caliber left tackle but he isn't going to be forever. He has shown signs of slowing down and Staley has the footwork and athleticism to step in when needed. Because Staley played in the MAC many feel he may not be ready to start in the NFL right away, and with the Ravens he wouldn't have to.

FF: Wait, we have no offense and we're adding a tackle that we don't need? Look, this team isn't playing for the future, we're playing for today. Ray Lewis ain't getting any younger, we lost Thomas, McNair looks like he's about a million. We need to win NOW! And in order to do that, we need to score more than a couple of points a game. Give me a running back who hasn't spent time in the federal pen, give me one of the excellent receivers still floating around. Give me hope!

30. San Diego Chargers
- Robert Meachem, WR Tennessee

Walter: The Bolts love Vincent Jackson on one side, but Kennan McCardell is getting old on the other. Meachem and his 4.4 speed is a perfect compliment to the 6'5'' Jackson, and his ability to stretch the field vertically should open up even more space underneath and in the seams for Antonio Gates and Ladainian Tomlinson.

FF: WOOOHOOO! As long as this guy doesn't cover his hands in pig lard before games, he'll be better than that sorry crop of receivers who ruined last season. Seriously, a decent group of receivers and we're hosting the Colts, punishing Peyton with Merriman, and heading into the Super Bowl as huge favorites. It's pretty much the only piece we're missing.

31. Chicago Bears
- Aaron Sears, OT Tennessee

Walter: After trading Thomas Jones to move up nearly 30 spots in the 2nd round, the Bears may try and package their late first and early second round picks to move up and grab Levi Brown to play RT for them. If they don't they will still have the luxury of grabbing Sears who many project as a guard, but could definitely play RT in Chicago's offensive system.

FF: I kind of like the pick. The offensive line isn't getting any younger, and we need a little help there. Also, if Benson is going to succeed, he'll need holes. I know we can't do anything about Grossman in this draft, other than say a prayer, and otherwise I like how our team looks. Solid choice.

32. Indianapolis Colts
- Justin Blalock, OG Texas

Walter: Like most super bowl winning teams, the Colts have the luxury of picking the best player on the board at #32. History tells us that this won't be a need pick (think Ben Watson or Logan Mankins for the Pats), and Blalock is by far the best player left on the board. He will add immediate depth to the Indy OL and should develop into a pro bowl caliber guard.

FF: We just won the Super Bowl, and we're stacked. Whatever. We could draft Nick Lachey here and I'd probably be just as happy. Even if that idiot is a Bengals fan.


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