2007 Mock Draft version 2.0 (Part IV)  

Posted by Walter

49. Jacksonville Jaguars - Jason Durant, OLB Hampton

Walter: The Jags have a history of drafting smallish linebackers for the outside (Daryl Smith, Clint Ingram and Jorge Cordova are all 6'2'' or under) and Durant fits the bill. Somewhat of an unknown coming out of Hampton, Durant would provide immediate depth for veterans Smith and Nick Greisen before challenging for a starting job in 2008.

FF: He's from where?! How do you even comment about a guy from Hampton? It says here that he's a linebacker, so that's something.

50. Cincinnati Bengals
- Marshal Yanda, OG Iowa

Walter: After losing starting guard Eric Steinbach, the Bengals look to replace him with a similar type player also from the University of Iowa in Yanda. Like Steinbach, Yanda is a big, mobile guard who has the strength and ability to slide outside and play tackle as well. He'd provide Cinci with a starting caliber guard, and more depth along the whole OL.

FF: Very excited about this. Instead of over-paying to keep Steinbach, we can just grab his replacement in the second round. You can pick up starting guards pretty regularly in this area, and Iowa has a strong o-line tradition. Yanda will be fine.

51. Tennessee Titans
- Quinn Pitcock, DT Ohio State

Walter: If any of the top 6 wideouts are available I think the Titans would jump on them. However, with all of them off the board the team must look to address the middle of the defensive line which took a big hit when Albert Haynesworth absolutely lost his mind. Pitcock is a smaller, quicker tackle and is a very nice compliment to incumbent Robaire Smith.

FF: Pitcock was a rock last year, and really held together that young Ohio St. defense. Since Haynesworth is either a thug or a maniac, it's nice to see us picking up a more than adequate replacement.

52. New York Giants
- Tanard Jackson, CB Syracuse

Walter: Even if the Giants are able to pull off a trade for Dre Bly they still need secondary help big time. Jackson is a fairly major reach here, but he is a raw 6'1'' cornerback with a pretty unique skill set. Jackson is not ready to start right away but he really reminds me a lot of Sam Madison and would have the opportunity to learn under him for at least one year.

FF: A fucking day late and a dollar short. So typical of this team. Instead of getting a nobody in the second round, we could have had a legit cornerback with our first pick. THIS IS OUR BIGGEST NEED! At least we got one, but we need more help than poor Jackson is ever going to give us.

53. Denver Broncos
- Kenny Irons, RB Auburn

Walter: This probably ain't gonna happen (Shanahan is way too arrogant to draft a RB this high), but man would Irons flourish in the Broncos system. He is a classic downhill, one cut runner whose running style would fit perfectly in Denver's zone scheme. Irons would give the Denver offense the type of reliable runner they have lacked since TD retired.

FF: Wait, he's not some anonymous rusher in the 17th round? Well, this is unexpected. We need to get the ground game in legit shape next year, since it has struggled some lately. Especially in the playoffs. The young QB needs some help, and Irons is a great step.

54. Dallas Cowboys
- Victor Abiamiri, DE Notre Dame

Walter: Abiamiri to Dallas would be an incredibly interesting pick. The Notre Dame product projects as either a DE or an OLB in the 3-4 and Dallas needs help at both spots. Abiamiri is a physical specimen who new HC Wade Phillips could use in a number of different spots, kind of like a poor man's Shawne Merriman.

FF: We do need help up front of the defense, so this makes a lot of sense to me. Although I hate having another fucking Domer on the roster.

55. Kansas City Chiefs
- Tank Tyler, DT NC State

Walter: Ryan Sims was a complete failure, and the rest of the cupboard is completely bare. Tyler is inconsistent at times, but he was an absolute beast at the combine (putting up over 40 bench reps) who would provide immediate toughness and physicality to a defense that sorely needs it.

FF: Rock on! I know Tyler didn't look great at times, but he's an absolute beast, and a lot of people have him rated pretty highly. At this point in the draft, it's a steal. And we desperately need his help in the middle.

56. Seattle Seahawks
- Scott Chandler, TE Iowa

Walter: Jerramy Stevens is gone and I doubt many in Seattle will weep for him. Chandler is a big (6'7''), technically sound TE who is every bit the pass catcher Stevens was (and he'll drop far less balls in the Super Bowl). Plus, it's not like the Seahawks ever asked Stevens to block, so Chandler's biggest deficiency will be masked.

FF: Anyone not named "Jerramy Stevens II" is an improvement at the tight end spot. There is no way this guy could be as big a choke artist, or an asshole, as the man he is replacing. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

57. New York Jets
- Tim Crowder, DE Texas

Walter: Crowder is like a poor man's Adam Carriker and is flying up draft boards after his Sr. Bowl and combine performances. Crowder is a big, strong, defensive end who is almost a perfect fit for Mangini's 3-4 defense. He can develop into an anchor agains the run to compliment pass rushers like Elllis and Thomas.

FF: We strike again! Crowder is a legit guy, a Texas boy, who everyone loved before the season. He's big and strong, and was a tough match against Levi Brown in the senior bowl. This kid can play, and our defensive line desperately needs some help. Perfect fit!

58. Philadelphia Eagles
- Jason Hill, WR Washington State

Walter: After blazing a sub 4.4 at the combine, the Eagles could view Hill as a replacement for someone like Donte Stallworth. In reality, Hill is probably a lot closer to someone like Todd Pinkston in terms of speed and frame and his skill set actually fits quite well what the Eagles want to do on offense.

FF: We definitely need a receiver, and this guy can downright fly. So that's a positive. McNabb needs someone reliable to throw to, and Hill just might be that guy.

59. New Orleans Saints
- Jon Beason, LB Miami

Walter: Another draft, another linebacker for the Saints. Perhaps Beason will be the guy they have been looking for all along, and with the recent signing of Brian Simmons the Saints can afford to draft a guy who is strictly on outside player. Beason did not run well at the combine, and his speed deficiency may be exacerbated on the Superdome carpet.

FF: YES! Look, we need help at linebacker. Everyone knows this. So we might as well get the best one left on the board. Beason is a Miami product, which you have to love, and he'll definitely be able to help us out.

60. Miami Dolphins
- Aaron Rouse, S Virginia Tech

Walter: With the selction acquired for Wes Welker the Phins address a major need on the defensive side of the ball. Rouse is a raw defensive back, but he has outstanding triangle numbers and could really develop into an upper echelon strong safety. A tight end like Ben Patrick could also be a possibility.

FF: A solid pick. Our safeties are nothing to write home about, and this guy seems like he will be good in coverage, and move around well. I'm just still more concerned about the other side of the ball.

61. Baltimore Ravens
- David Harris, LB Michigan

Walter: With Ray Lewis getting older, the Ravens jump on the best true 3-4 inside linebacker available. Harris is a classic thumper, who will be a great run stopping backer for years to come, and a solid compliment to Bart Scott. I also wouldn't be shocked to see the Ravens look at a QB here, but with Stanton off the board there may not be anyone to their liking.

FF: Well, we upgraded our offense (a hell of a lot) with the McGahee trade. Although we did give him a heap of money. So I guess we can turn back to the defensive side (again). More youth and some depth at linebacker makes a ton of sense.

62. San Diego Chargers
- HB Blades, LB Pittsburgh

Walter: Strictly a depth move here, but Blades presents outstanding value this late in the draft. With Donnie Edwards on the way out, Blades may have an opportunity to see major action during 1st and 2nd down in 2007. He is more of a 4-3 Mike Backer, but the Chargers have enough versatility with guys like Merriman and Shaun Phillips to mitigate his deficiencies against the pass.

FF: LOVE IT! Blades was an accomplished backer in college, and made a ton of tackles at Pitt. He might not have the sexiest numbers, but we had some serious depth problems at linebacker last year, and Blades is a steal at this point in the draft.

63. New York Jets
- Ben Patrick, TE Delaware

Walter: After years of Anthony Becht and Chris Baker, the Jets finally get an athletic pass catching tight end to move the chains. Patrick is an underrated prospect who is the rare collegiate tight end who has the ability to catch passes but also to actually block someone in pass protection or in the running game.

FF: Of course, a Blue Hen. We definitely need a tight end who can catch, especially when it's questionable whether our quarterback can throw more than five yards. So this makes a ton of sense. We'll take the big man from the little state.

64. Minnesota Vikings *
- Manuel Ramirez, G Texas Tech

Walter: The Vikes definitely need an offensive line overhaul, specifically on the right side (where McKinnie and Hutchinson are not). Ramirez is a true mauler, who is quite similar to some of the best Minnesota lineman during their golden age in the late 90's. He really reminds me of former right guard David Dixon.

FF: We're going to be running a lot now, and in the future. Especially since we don't seem to have a quarterback. (Seriously, who the hell is that guy?!) So it makes sense that we'll get tougher up front, and get some balance to Hutchinson.


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