2007 Mock Draft version 2.0 (Part I)  

Posted by Walter

1. Oakland Raiders - Jamarcus Russell, QB LSU

Walter: Calvin Johnson has clearly estabished himself as a once in a lifetime talent, but picking him ahead of Russell would be putting the proverbial cart before the horse. The Raiders already have Randy Moss who is only 30 years old, and, presuming they don't trade him, he and Russell coud have 3-4 ultra productive years together.

Frazier Fan: Woohoo! Let's not do anything stupid here, and do anything other than draft a quarterback. Love Russell's arm and accuracy. Keep Randy!

2. Arizona Cardinals + - Joe Thomas, OT Wisconsin

Walter: With the trade for George Foster the Lions have have two starting caliber offensive lineman and can't afford to pay Joe Thomas and Jeff Backus top dollar. The Cardinals pay dearly for moving up three spots, but Thomas is an elite level player at a position they desperately need help at.

FF: Great, another "can't miss" tackle with the #2 pick. Didn't our last one just sign a ridiculous contract with the Cowboys? I want to be hopeful, because we desperately need an o-line that can block anybody, but we have a lot of bad karma to overcome.

3. Cleveland Browns - Adrien Peterson, RB Oklahoma

Walter: Peterson's blistering 40 time at the combnie makes this pick incredibly easy, and brings a true offensive super star to Cleveland for the first time since the team returned. With the addition of Eric Steinbach, the Browns have an outstanding interior offensive line and Peterson provides them with the game breaking back to run through those holes.

FF: We NEED a running back. This is fucking perfect. Not only do I know who he is, but he looked AWESOME in Indy. Frankly, I couldn't be more excited. So who's our quarterback again?

4. Minnesota Vikings * - Calvin Johnson, WR Georgia Tech

Walter: The Bucs already have young recievers in Mike Clayton and Maurice Stovall, plus veteran Joey Galloway for another 2 seasons. Much of Johnson's talents woud be wasted in Gruden's west coast attack anyways, but he is a perfect fit for the Vikings. Again, the Vikes pay dearly to move up three spots, but the reward is the draft's top player.

FF: This is the best player in the draft, so he's a fucking steal at this spot. I'm a little nervous about who exactly is throwing him the ball, but this guy is a stud.

5. Detroit Lions + - Gaines Adams, DE Clemson

Walter: With Adams, the draft's best defensive end, still on the board, this trade goes down as the best in the Matt Millen era. Dewayne White will play on one side, but he isn't the dynamic pass rusher the Lions needed. Adams, and his 4.6 speed, will terrorize NFC quarterbacks for the next decade.

FF: We got an offensive lineman, we got a running back who will be a nice compliment, we even showed a little life last year. So I'm feeling good about this pick. We don't have anyone on defense who could the fear of God in the quarterback, and Adams will be making them pray.

6. Washington Redskins - Jamaal Anderson, DE Arkansas

Walter: With Adams taken a spot earlier, the Redskins settle for the second DE on their board. Anderson is actually a more complete player than Adams with a higher ceiling, so it may be a blessing in disguise. Anderson won't be ready to dominate right away, but he should solidify the Skins defensive line for years to come.

FF: Our defensive line didn't show a lot of bit last year, and people are comparing Anderson to a Richard Seymour-type. That sits well with this fan.

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers * - Amobi Okoye, DT Louisville

Walter: Tampa trades down and still gets the guy they've wanted all along. It's no secret that the key to Monte Kiffin's famed "Tampa 2" defense is getting pressure on the QB with the front four. It's also no secret that the Tampa lineman are getting old. Okoye is a virtual Warren Sapp clone, who has the power/speed combination to dominate as a 3 technique tackle right away.

FF: You sure you don't want another QB, coach? Actually, the offense has some talent these days, and we lost both Booger and White, so we need a fresh body on the line. Okoye is a physical freak, and he won't be old enough to drink for another two years! Looks like I'll have to crack another one for myself to celebrate this pick! Sorry, chief.

8. Houston Texans - Brady Quinn, QB Notre Dame

Walter: It will be interesting to see if the Texans try and move up to get Thomas if Detroit is shopping that pick, although #8 may be a bit low to make anything happen. Houston seems to be ready to admit mistake on David Carr, and bringing in the biggest name in the draft might somewhat appease it's fan base in light of last year's Reggie Bush fiasco.

FF: FUCK! Is this a joke! You sick bastards! If we were going to just give up on Carr why didn't we get VY last year! You deprive us of a local hero last draft, and this time you stick us with a fucking pretty-boy Domer! Ugh. I hated this kid at Notre Dame, and now I just want to throw up all over myself.

9. Miami Dolphins - Alan Branch, DT Michigan

Walter: I would be shocked if the Dolphins passed on Quinn if he were still available, but in this mock he isn't. #9 is a tough spot to draft at because most of the elite players are gone. This pick should come down to the space eating Branch, or the dynamic Landry. My guess is new head man Cam Cameron picks Branch with the hopes that he developes into a Jamal Williams type presence he had in San Diego.

FF: A big space-eater in the center of a defense makes a lot of sense. I'm still a little more concerned about the other side of the ball, especially since our quarterback situation is something out of a Stephen King novel. Not exactly a thrilling pick.

10. Atlanta Falcons - Laron Landry, S LSU

Walter: An absolute gift to new Falcons head man Bobby Petrino. Landry, who in my opinion is the best defensive prospect in this draft, will start from day 1 in Atlanta and has both the athletic ability and intelligence to solidify the entire secondary for years to come. Think about Landry as Rodney Harrison with 4.35 speed.

FF: I'm torn about this one. I love Landry's skill set. I love that he's possibly the most complete defensive talent in the draft. However, I don't love picking a safety when I feel like we have other needs. I'm especially upset that we just lost our DE, and I'm not exactly sold on some of our LB's. Still, Landry is damned good.

11. San Francisco 49ers
- Adam Carriker, DE Nebraska

Walter: Head coach Mike Nolan can't seem to decide if he want to play the base 3-4 or 4-3, so he picks the one player who has shown he could succeed in either. Carriker is a physical specimen who definitely has the ability to take over a game, either inside in the 4-3 or outside in the 3-4. He is the type of versatile ends that NFL teams covet.

FF: I am LOVING the pick. Our offense really looks like it may show some life next year. Smith may be legit at QB, we just added a WR, and Frank Gore was a revelation this year. So let's balance it out and get better defensively. Carriker looks like the kind of guy who will provide excellent pressure but not be a joke against the run. Good times!

12. Buffalo Bills
- Leon Hall, CB Michigan

Walter: The Bills signed three offensive lineman in free agency so solidify their biggest offensive weakness, and drafting Leon Hall to replace Nate Clements replaces the key missing piece on defense. Patrick Willis is another option here as the Bills have shown that they aren't afraid to reach early in the 1st round, but Hall's 4.4 speed makes him tough to pass up.

FF: I guess this makes sense, but I would have been happier simply keeping Clements and using the draft to get better in another aspect of the game. Still, he's an able replacement, and since Clements ain't coming back, it makes a hell of a lot of sense. Also, he's cheaper. Not like it's my money or anything.

13. St. Louis Rams
- Paul Poszlusny, LB Penn State

Walter: The Rams desperately need help at OLB and they get a potentially great one here. Puz is a finished product who can come in and start from day one at either OLB spot. Again, Pat Willis could be an option here (sliding incumbent Will Witherspoon to the outside), but Puz is just as polished and wouldn't require Witherspoon to move.

FF: Really? I mean, I love Puz, don't get me wrong. It's just that people keep telling me that he's a slipper and a slider. So this seems a little high. He definitely fills a need for us, it's just that he'll probably be hanging around in another 10 picks. I'd have loved to trade down a little and get some more picks later on. Still, this guy is a hell of a player, and we desperately need the LB help.

14. Carolina Panthers
- Patrick Willis, LB Ole Miss

Walter: An absolute gimme for the Panthers. Dan Morgan is a pro bowl caliber linebacker, but he is old and always injured. Plus, Willis showed that he is a good enough athlete at the combine that he can play the outside for a year or two until the coaches are ready to hand him the reigns in the middle.

FF: It'd have been nice to get Steve Smith some help, but Willis is a great player, and I love the idea of another hard hitting 'backer in the mix. It's time to be honest, if we're going to win, our defense will have to carry us. So let's get it done, Patrick.

15. Pittsburgh Steelers
- Ryan Kalil, C USC

Walter: While this would have been considered a major reach a week ago, Kalil has solidified himself as a potentially special NFL center. The Steelers just lost Jeff Hartings to retirement and have a long history of hall of fame caliber centers (Dermonti Dawson, Mike Webster). Kalil could be next in line.

FF: Hell yes! Let's pave the road! I couldn't be happier about the prospect of a young center simply punishing everyone in his way. Anyone who knows football knows that the game is won in the trenches, and us Steelers fans know football.

16. Green Bay Packers
- Tedd Ginn Jr., WR Ohio State

Walter: The Pack desperately need some speed on the outside, as evidenced by their feeble attempts to trade for Randy Moss. While Ginn is not the overall prospect that Johnson is, he does have world class speed and his contributions to the vertical passing game and special teams all but guarantee that he will be an effective NFL player.

FF: Ugh. So twice a game we get to see Favre heave a long pass that will either be over-thrown, directly into triple coverage, or dropped by an incompetent "athlete" masquerading as an NFL wide receiver. Ginn may be a burner, but I don't remember Carl Lewis setting too many receiving records. This seems kinda desperate.

+ - predicted trade: Arizona gets #2 overall pick, Detroit gets #5 and #37
* - predicted trade: Minnesota gets #4 overall pick and #64, Tampa gets #7 and #39


Roy Burns   says 7:09 AM

With the nagging injuries and upright ruinning style off Peterson? That running style has cost him big time in the NCAA from punishment. So what will happen when he's hit by the bigger,stronger,faster defensive players in the NFL? Do the math,I'm sure Phil has. It's elementary my dear Watson. Just say no to Peterson!

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