New Years Day Bowl Picks  

Posted by Walter

Real quickly..........


Penn State +4 over Tennessee

I love Tony Hunt as a college back, and as a draft day steal. Erik Ainge stinks. Penn. State wins outright.

Auburn -2 over Nebraska

SEC is way better than the Big 12, and Auburn is way better than the Huskers. This line seems way too low.

Arkansas -2 over Wisconsin

Another line that seems way too low. Wisconsin hasn't played anyone other than Michigan all season and they lost that game badly. Arkansas makes a big statement.

West Virginia -9 over Georgia Tech

Even without Pat White the Mountaineer QB situation is better than the Jackets.

Oklahoma -7 over Boise

I will be rooting for the Broncos, but that Oklahoma O-Line is one of the more underrated units in the nation. They dominate.

Michigan -1 over USC

The same UCLA defense that shut down the Trojans gave up 44 to the Seminoles. I think we are just learning that the Pac-10 isn't any good. And that includes USC.

Overall Bowl Record: 11-10


Tennessee -4 over Penn. State

I'd love to be able to pick Penn St. in this one, and frankly, I hope they win. Of course I'll be on the West Coast and will probably sleep through the whole thing. Oh well. I just worry that Penn St. has no semblance of an offense, and that Tenn. is going to score just enough. That kept happening to the Nittany Lions this year. They couldn't step up against good competition, and while they hung around, they failed to seal the deal. I see a repeat of that sort of performance. This is a team that hasn't been able to get over its' own shortcomings all year, and they don't this time. The Vols prevail, 17-12.

Auburn -2 over Nebraska

It doesn't get much easier than this one. Nebraska has disappeared in its' biggest games, especially giving up against USC, and getting whacked by Oklahoma. So I don't see them getting it together against an Auburn team that has been battle tested this year. I really don't understand this line one bit, but I'm more than happy to take it. Auburn's defense is going to do bad things to a Nebraska offense that is secretly very weak. Oh, and Callahan is a shitty coach, Tubberville is not. Auburn wins, 27-13.

Arkansas -2 over Wisconsin

Wow, no one knows anything about this Wisconsin team. They played one team with a pulse all season, Michigan without Manningham, and they got beat. Arkansas has a couple of more losses, but those are to some pretty stiff competition. USC, Florida and LSU, all in the top ten, and if USC hadn't shat the bed, their losses would have been to the 2,4,5 teams in the country. Oh, and the swiss army running back is prominently involved. You don't think that with a month to prepare there won't be some wild wrinkles in this offense? What will McFadden do with a month of practice. Honestly, he could trot out there as the place kicker and I wouldn't bat an eye. I really love this Arkansas team, and if they can avoid costly errors (basically, don't make their quarterbacks do anything even remotely risky) than they should be fine. A muffed punt turned the tide against Florida, but they have been in it with everyone (except USC) all season. That isn't about to change. This is one of the games I am looking forward to seeing most. Of course I'll miss it, but whatever. The Hogs get it going, 30-24.

Georgia Tech +9 over West Virginia

Hard to like Georgia Tech. Not sure if losing Ball is a good thing or a bad thing, but it IS added turmoil. I just remember what Rodriguez was able to do with a month to prepare for a very talented Georgia defense last year. Now, Tech has some players on that side of the ball, and losing their quarterback may be a blessing in disguise, and WVU didn't look great down the stretch, and I don't see them blowing a legit opponent out, it's not like they've done that at all. Good linebackers, a solid scheme, and a fresh start at quarterback favor them. The Jackets keep it close, but fall, 31-28.

Boise State +7 over Oklahoma

The Broncos didn't come all this way to shit the bed. They will play tough, they will keep it close to the vest with a solid running attack, a dangerous quarterback, and excellent play calling. Their defense has been totally underrated all year, but they'll make some plays. I think Oklahoma takes them lightly, and Stoops can't get his troops to concentrate. I also think Peterson will try too hard, even though they have a nice offensive balance going. Now, I am going to pick my beloved Broncos in the massive upset. Do I think it will happen? Maybe not. Do I think it could happen? Yes, yes I do. So I'm picking it, Broncos shock the world, just not the 323, 27-26.

Michigan -1 over USC

I can't pick a USC team which may or may not show up. Michigan WILL show up, and their defense will get to Booty, who will make mistakes, and will cost themselves the game. USC needs a reliable running game, and they just don't have it. I will also be at this game with some Michigan alums, so I feel obligated to pick them. Frankly, Carrol's team is too infuriating to deal with right now. Who knows which version will show up. All I know is that they will play uneven. I have a feeling it will be like their last couple of bowls, and they'll start fast, but they are weak mentally. As long as Michigan doesn't make a huge error (like Oklahoma botching that punt) they will weather the storm and then take advantage when USC takes a third of the game off. The Wolverines are getting it done, but it's going to be a classic, and I'll be loving every minute, 34-31.

Overall Bowl Record: 8-13


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