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Posted by Walter


Nevada +3 over Miami

What's with all the Miami love? This team sucked all year, yet people can't jump on this line fast enough. Nevada has a hall of fame coach (Chris Ault) and a dynamic offense the likes of which Miami has not seen in the ACC this season. Miami may have better athletes, but with the way they've played all season I am not going to lay 3 points. Call it 20-18 Miami.

Overall Bowl Record: 10-10


Miami -3 over Nevada

I know I have been shitting on this team for a long time, but I think they come to play for Coker and Shannon. Their entire defense is looking to make a statement and move up the draft boards, and their offense may finally show a pulse. They showed a ton of pride in taking out BC at the end of the year, and they are going to do so again. Miami knows that they don't lose bowl games to Nevada, and they are ready to move past a terrible, terrible season. I think they take out a ton of aggression, and win this one 21-10.

Overall Bowl Record: 8-12


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