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Posted by Walter

I was right about Louisville.....and Frazier's inability to pick Thursday games (although I hardly deserve credit for this realization). Louisville may not beat West Virginia in Morgantown or even on a neutral field, but at Papa John's Stadium they were NOT going to lose. They could have played that game 100 times and I think Louisville would have won 90 of them. That stadium was electric, and in a matchup of two truly GREAT and INNOVATIVE coaches Bobby Petrino proved to be the man. Petrino unleashed Brian Brohm (just as I predicted) in proving that he is every bit the schemer that Rich Rodriguez is, but the reason Louisville won (outside of being at home) was that Petrino proved that he is a master adminitrator and leader as well. Make no mistake, Petrino is the class of the Big East coaching ranks (over Rordiguez and Greg Schiano), but I wouldn't be shocked if he moved on to bigger and better things after this season (Miami would be insane not to go after this guy!).

The win over WVU was great, but I still say
Bobby Petrino's greatest accomplishment
at Louisville was making John L. Smith
look competent for so many years!

I was wrong about BC. Tom O'Brien is a great coach, but he is at his best taking mediocre talent and getting above average results, a skill that is DRASTICALLY different than winning when you are expected to do so.

I was right about Houston. I love Tulsa and Steve Kragthorpe so this one hurts a little, but the Cougars offense was just too much for Tulsa's defense. Still, let's not lose site of the masterful job Kragthorpe has done this season. He is another coach who is not want for his current situation.

I was wrong about Missourri.....kind of. I knew they'd screw that game up but I still picked them. I guess I got what I deserveed. I'm like a stupid kid who has to burn himself on the stove a few times before he listens to his mom's warnings.

Fool me twice shame on you....fool me
three times shame on me!

I was right about Virginia Tech. Well more right about Miami just giving up on their coach. Ugh, what a terrible game. Tech nets just over 100 yards total offense and they still cover the spread!.....I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.

I was wrong about Texas. I can't really figure this team out. They get torched through the air by the likes of Nebraska, Baylor and Texas Tech, then they go up ag
ainst the most talented passing attack in the entire Big 12 on the road and shut them down completely? Props to Longhorn D Coordinator Gene Chizik, who is proving he is worth all the "future head coach" hype that has surrounded him since his days at Auburn. That said, can we please stop with all this talk of a Ohio State-Texas rematch in the title game? Texas had their chance and they failed miserably, and now their trying to make up for it by beating up on inferior competition (the Big 12 is a train wreck this season). Please don't let this happen!

If a mad scientist were to create the
perfect football coach, I bet he'd look a
lot like Gene Chizik.

I was right about Texas A & M. We should just call it the Dennis Franchione theory. Any time his team is right on the cusp of being nationally relevant they WILL lose. Take it to the bank. I only wish they hadn't covered the spread.

I was wrong about South Carolina. Syvelle Newton has been somewhat of a revelation for the Gamecocks, but they needed him to have his best game of the y
ear to beat Arkansas.....he didn't. The progress for Spurrier and that offense has been very slow in Columbia, but I expect a huge boost next season. Newton will have close to a full season as a starter under his belt, and he will be especially dangerous should Sidney Rice return (not a crazy proposition considering that he would have to jockey for draft position with the likes of Calvin Johnson, Dwayne Jarrett, Tedd Ginn and Jeff Samardzjia if he came out this season).

Chin up Coach. You won at Duke, you
can win anywhere!

I was right about Colt Brennan and Hawaii. Brennan is on pace to shatter Dave Klingler's single season TD record and has recorded 21 TD passes to only 1 INT over the past 4 games. Sick! Brennan's numbers (3347 yards, 72.9%, 39:6 TD:INT ratio) and his name (Colt) make him sound more like a player in Madden created by your idiot friend who throws the hail mary on every play than he does a real person! And don't say he is just doing it against weak competition. Brennan has torched all three of the defenses he has faced this season with legitimate NFL talent on the roster: Alabama (350 yards 2 TD), Boise State (388 yards 5 TD), and Fresno State (419 yards, 4 TD).

I was wrong about Clemson. I literally cannot believe I actually thought this team was any good. They suck big time....just like the rest of the ACC.

I was right about Jamarcus Russell. I was going to post on this separately but I will just do it here. I want to go on record saying that I believe Russell will be the best NFL quarterback of any player currently playing in the NCAA (including Brady Quinn, who I think very highly of). Russell is only a junior, and he has improved so much this season that its scary. He has always been big and strong (6'6'' 280 lbs.), he has always had the arm (the word bionic comes to mind), he has always had the mobility (though he prefers to throw the ba
ll-perfect for the NFL), and the knock was always that he didn't have the accuracy. Well, Jamarcus seems to have turned that part of his game around in record time. Consider the following progression in his completion percentage: 2004-50.7%, 2005-60.5%, 2006-69.4%. Russell is perfectly suited for the NFL game. He has enough mobility to make plays if his protection breaks down, but he prefers to deliver the ball to his WR. He has the strongest arm I have ever seen (no joke), making it nearly impossible to play zone against him. There isn't a throw he can't make on the field, and he is fully capable of sprinting out and dropping back. The only think that could keep him from becoming a superstar in the NFL is whether he can mentally grasp an NFL offense. We won't know this for many years, but he has all the tools to play the quarterback position in the NFL like nobody ever has before. He is so unique that it's almost impossible to compare him to anyone. Gun to my head, I'd say he's a cross between Jeff George's throwing style (the only other player I've ever seen to put the same kind of velocity on the ball as Russell) and Brett Favre's mobility and and ability to get top velocity on his throws without having to set up (though that is the extent of the Favre comparison). The easy comparison is Daunte Culpepper but it is not apt. Russell is much more adept at the underneath throws, and he isn't as brash on the field, preferring to make his reads and check down rather than taking off. Anyways, that's my piece on Russell. If he comes back next season, not only will LSU be a preseason top 5 team, but let the Heisman hype begin now!

With the first pick in the 2008 NFL draft............


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