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I know this is a college football blog, but it's the only blog I've got so I am going to use it, just for a moment, as a forum to give my props to one of the greatest athletes of out lifetime that most Americans probably know very little about. Of course I am talking about the great Patrick Roy, who this week takes his rightful place amongst the greats at the Hockey Hall of Fame. As a longtime Bruins fan nothing made me happier than when Roy fled Montreal for Denver in the 1990's. Finally able to watch him without rooting against him, I, along with all other hockey fans across the world, began to fully appreciate his greatness. Roy's numbers are staggering, especially given the era he played in. While dead puck era goalies like Marty Brodeur and Ed Belfour might surpass some of Roy's records, there was nobody you'd rather have in the net with the game on the line than Roy. Patrick Roy was accused of being arrogant and showy during his career (hell, he invented the butterfly goaltending style that is predicated on baiting shooters to aim at open spaces before shutting the door), but the man had no equal. To put it in terms that the323 readers may understand, Patrick Roy was Steve Spurrier on skates. If he'd grown up in Florida or Texas instead of Quebec, you can bet Patrick Roy would be going into the NFL or College Foorball hall of fame (or both). In the realm of ice hockey goalies, there is Patrick Roy and everyone else. Like OJ Simpson or Gale Sayers or Reggie Bush, Roy would do things that you hadn't previously thought possible.

Congratulations Patrick, it wouldn't be a hall of fame without you.

Patrick Roy
The greatest to ever roam a crease!


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