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Posted by Walter

I was right about, Wisconsin. They are a very impressive team and the coaching job done by first year man Bret Bielema has been every bit impressive as that of probable runaway national coach of the year Greg Schiano. Lost in the Badgers’ win over Iowa was the sparkling play of backup quarterback Tyler Donovan. With stalwart John Stocco gone next year, the offense looks to be in good hands with the speedy Donovan. With PJ Hill and most of a very physical defense coming back, Wisconsin could be the preseason team to beat in the Big 10 in 2007.

I was wrong about South Carolina stunning Florida….just barely. If not for a superhuman effort by Jarvis Moss, Florida would have been knocked out of the national title race. Perhaps Steve Spurrier got a little too conservative at the end of the game, settling for a 48 yard field goal attempt, but overall his gameplan against the Gators was nothing short of masterful. Against both Florida and Auburn this season, Spurrier’s game plans have kept his team in the game, when by all other accounts (especially on field talent) they should have been run off. I expect huge things from the Gamecocks next season, especially if Sidney Rice returns (I think he will)!

I was right about Florida. They are soft, and they are going to get totally punked by Arkansas in the SEC title game. This is going to happen.

I was wrong about Texas A & M. Stephen McGee is something special, which is all the more reason to cut bait with Dennis Franchione right now. McGee is a championship caliber player. Franchione is a 4th place caliber coach. It is a crime that McGee is being wasted.

I was right about Wake Forest. They are very good. Florida State is very bad. Facing the insult of being 5 point underdogs against a mediocre Florida State team playing their backup QB, the Deacons laid a 30-0 whooping on the ‘Noles, shutting them out in Tallahassee for the first time in the Bobby Bowden era. As a BC fan I hope the Deacons drop their last two and give the Eagles a chance for the ACC title. But as a college football fan, the Deacons are the best team in the ACC and should be the ones representing the conference in the BCS. Think about it. Wake Forest is a 4th quarter meltdown away from being undefeated.

I was wrong about Louisville. Well, really I was just wrong for underrating Rutgers and the pure emotion that fan base created for their Thursday night game. Folks, you won’t find a more electric crowd in America that what you saw in Piscataway NJ. Greg Schiano has done a great job and has the ability to build something at Rutgers (there is a ton of NJ football talent). If Rutgers goes to Morgantown and beats the Moutaineers they have to be in the discussion for the BCS title game.

I was right about Oregon. They suck, pure and simple. USC and California are good, not great, teams that absolutely annihilated the Ducks. The Pac-10 is terrible this season, as witnessed by its teams dismal nonconference performances (see Cal @ TN, Oregon St. @ Boise, Washington @ Oklahoma). Oregon should have 5 losses this season, and they’d be way under .500 if they played in the Big 10 or SEC.

And finally…….I was right about Michigan-Ohio State. I called it 4 weeks ago that this game could be the biggest regular season game in the history of college football. #1 vs. #2. 10-0 vs. 10-0. Ohio State vs. Michigan. Winner goes to the BCS title game, loser goes home. There isn’t enough fuel in all of the Middle East to run this hype machine.


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