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Posted by Walter

I was right about Oregon. Meaning no disrespect to Bill Doba and Washington State whatsoever, Oregon proved this week that they are, and always have been, total superfrauds. Let's examine their season, keeping in mind that at one point the Ducks rose all the way to #8 in the rankings.

Game 1: a 48-10 win over the now 0-8 Stanford Cardinal
Game 2: a 31-24 win over the now 1-6 Fresno State Bulldogs, though it is worth noting that the Ducks needed two special teams meltdowns by Fresno (a blocked FG, and a brain fart allowing the Ducks to score a TD on a fake FG) to win this one
Game 3: a 34-33 "win" at home over Oklahoma, and I don't think anything needs to be said about this (**note** for those of you keeping score, Oregon should be 1-2 right now)
Game 4: a 48-13 dismantling of an Arizona State team that was mired in the middle of a horrific 3 game losing streak
Game 5: a 45-24 beatdown is laid on them by the first good team they have faced all season, California, which was actually far more lopsided than the score indicated (at one point Cal was up 38-10)
Game 6: a 30-20 win over a UCLA team playing without their starting quarterback and best offensive player (Ben Olson)
Game 7: a 34-23 beat down at the hands of Washington State, a team that is solid but certainly not spectacular, but still managed to jump out to a eye-popping 27-3 halftime lead

So what does all this tell us? Well Oregon finds itself at a very undeserving 5-2, proving once again that it's better to be lucky than good. Bottom line, if not for: (1) poor Fresno special teams play, (2) poor officiating against Oklahoma, and (3) a fortuitous injury to Ben Olson, Oregon probably finds itself at 2-5 right now.

I was wrong about the Pac-10. In the preseason I actually referred to this conference as potentially "loaded." WOW was I wrong. Even it's undisputed top 2 teams (USC and Cal) have been completely uninspiring this season. Frazier, I agree that Notre Dame is overrated, but given the track record of the Pac-10 this season, would you really feel comfortable predicting a USC domination in a non-league game?

I was right about Michigan. WOW is that defense terrifying! While I was watching them absolutely dismantly Iowa, it hit me.....the 2006 Michigan Wolverines are what would happen if we took a really good SEC team and stuck them in the Big 10. Think about it, the Wolverines run the football, they throw the ball deep, and they have speed, speed, speed, at every defensive position. Even looking at this team you think they'd be straight out of Florida. Every player is just ripped up (there are no bellies on the Wolverine defenders), and even their big uglies can run. This is an SEC style team playing in, and dominating, the big 10!

I was wrong about Clemson. They are the class of the ACC this season and should be even better next year. Keeping with the theme of the last paragraph, the Tigers are what would happen if a Big 10 team played in the ACC. They dominate with a power, zone running game, a dominant offensive line, and generally just being bigger and meaner than you! With the influx of BC and VTech into the ACC, could this be the direction the conference is going in?

I was right about BC.....kind of. To be honest I thought they would lose the game against FSU because the 'Noles needed it more, but I would never pick or bet against them. Like the Clemson Tigers, the Eagles are the class of the ACC right now and should be even stronger next season. The bottom line is that we may be seeing a changing of the guard in the ACC with several teams ready to dethrone FSU.

I was wrong about Texas A & M. Lost in the shuffle this past weekend was a huge road victory over Oklahoma State. Dennis Franchione really has this team playing well, and with a lot of confidence, although now that people are taking notice the time is ripe for one of his team's patented 3 game losing streaks.

I was right about John L. Smith. Yes, that's right, even when his team completes the biggest comeback in NCAA history I will find a way to rip him for his incompetence. The fact that the Spartans executed such a comeback against Northwestern just serves as yet another illustration that Smith's Michigan State teams are capable of so much more than they perform.

I was wrong about Colt McCoy. Though he wasn't great against Ohio State, I think he deserves some slack since it was his 2nd collegiate game. The undisputed facts are that his stats this season are other worldly, so much that it has been suggested that super freshman Jevan Snead may want to look elsewhere. All you need to know is that in his first season of Big 12 play, McCoy has a nearly 7:1 TD to interception ratio. WOW!

I was right about Roslyn High School. There was some magic in the air as they dominated Westbury from the opening gun to the tune of an 18-8 win. My cousin playing in the game played well, and my cousins performing in the halftime show were just outstanding. Plus it was a beautiful day. Go Bulldogs!


Yes, if Notre Dame is going to need a fucking miracle to beat UCLA at home? Then yeah, if they play that shit again in LA the Trojans will eat them for lunch.

Which isn't to say that they will definitely win, but Notre Dame is going to have to play a hell of a lot better.

I agree that the Irish will need a better effort than they gave against UCLA to beat USC at USC. My point was simply that looking at what the rest of the Pac-10 has done against nonconference teams, I hardly think USC beating Notre Dame is a slam dunk. I mean consider the following:

California (one of the top 2 teams in the Pac-10) was killed by Tennesee

Oregon (the third best team in the Pac-10) should have lost to 1-6 Fresno State

Arizona was embarrassed 45-3 at LSU.

Oregon State was embarrassed at Boise State 42-14.

Washington was dominated 37-20 at Oklahoma.

Washington State (who has proven to be one of the conference's toughest teams) was embarrassed 40-14 at Auburn.

All I am saying is that it has hardly been a banner year in the Pac-10.

Agreed. The Pac 10 has been a huge disappointment. That said, Notre Dame would fit right in.

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