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Posted by Walter

I was right about Oregon. The team is 4-1 but they proved this past weekend, as I suspected all along, that they were not nearly as good as their record. Let's examine. Oregon opened the season with a win over a Stanford team that currently sits at 0-6 and is one of the worst teams in the nation. The Ducks followed that up by escaping with a 31-24 win at Fresno State in a game they should have lost but for a complete special teams melt down by the Bulldogs. Fresno State currently sits at 1-4 after losing to Utah State at home this past weekend. From there, the Ducks had their most impressive "win" of the season against Oklahoma at home, even though they couldn't come close to stopping Adrian Peterson and needed some home field officiating to win. By the way, Oklahoma got dominated by Texas on Saturday, leaving them at 3-2 and further denigrating the impressiveness of that win. Finally, Oregon annihilated an Arizona State team that looks completely clueless before getting waxed by California. So let's recap: Oregon has four wins yes, but the combined records of those teams is 7-14, and in the two games they played against legitimate teams (OK and Cal) they needed some friendly officiating at home to beat OK and got pasted by Cal. Oregon, you stink.

I was wrong about California. I loved them preseason, and I was right about that, but I was wrong to jump off the bandwagon after the debacle at TN. Nate Longshore has been nothing short of outstanding since the opening game (which was the first game he was playing in almost a year) and the talent is there for the Bears to unseat USC as the Pac-10's elite.

I was right about Georgia's defense. They were exposed as 100% frauds by giving up 44 points to a TN offense that is well coached, but not breathtakingly athletic. The Bulldogs have a lot of young players and will be good next year, but for right now they stink and even the most ardent SEC supporter can't argue with the323's placing them on the overrated list at the beginning of the year.

I was wrong about the TN offense. Erik Ainge has been oustanding this season, and has shown incredible improvement under David Cutcliffe. That said, if I have to hear on more story about Peyton Manning instructing Ainge to just listen to everything Cutcliffe says without asking questions I might light myself on fire.

I was right about the USC secondary. If not for a total brain fart by Ty Willingham on the last play of the game, Washington might have gotten into the endzone and knocked off the Trojans at USC. The Trojans have outstanding linebacker play, but they are going to need a lot more from the secondary and the pass rush (especially Lawrence Jackson who has been invisible this season) if they expect to beat California and Notre Dame.

I was wrong about Oklahoma. Texas' methodical play totally took the Sooners out of their game plan, not to mention that the Longhorns were the far more physical team. Peterson ran hard and punished would be tacklers, but he has no offensive line to speak of and that killed him against Texas. Oklahoma has some game breakers on offense, but the entire unit is still a work in progress. One cannot help but wonder what might have been if Rhett Bomar was still around. Not only would the vertical passing game be improved at the QB position, but at the WR position as well where the Sooners could have lined up Paul Thompson opposite Malcolm Kelly.

I was right about the line in the Wake Forest-Clemson game. Clemson won, they were the better team, but that line was just WAYYYYYY to high. We call that a gimme folks.

I was wrong about Florida. Sure LSU absolutely imploded at the Swamp, but the Gators outplayed the Tigers in every facet of that game. Still, I don't know what to make of this Florida offensive team. Is the fact that Tim Tebow is by far their toughest player a true credit to him, or an indictment of the rest of the team as soft? We'll find out on Saturday when they face an Auburn team that will be fired up to get back into the SEC title picture.

I was right about Garrett Wolfe. I'd like to take credit for starting up his heisman bandwagon, but I can't. I will settle for staking a claim to riding shotgun though.


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