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Posted by Frazier

Ok, so there seems to be a curse on the 323 right now. Our underrated players posts from last week really caused some problems. For mine, Mario Manningham got injured, and may miss signicant time: Report: Michigan's Manningham to have knee surgery. Dennis Dixon also had an up-and-down game, as his team got blown out. Cason didn't make any big plays, and Arizona got drubbed by a mediocre UCLA team. While not a total jinx, he can't be thrilled with the result.

For the big man, Auburn had it's title shots destroyed by Arkansas, as the Hogs ran roughshod over the vaunted defense, and the Tigers failed to cause Mustain, the freshman quarterback, to make mistakes. Jamarcus Russel failed to lead his troops to victory in a game they absolutely had to have, and Malcolm Kelly failed to make the big plays he needed to in order for the Sooners to survive. The only ones who escaped our uber-jinx were Garrett Wolfe, and Ian Johnson for me and James Laurinaitis for the big man. Of course Johnson and Laurinaitis didn't play any sort of legit competition, and Wolfe is a machine. Seriously, pray for the survivors next week, their number may be up. Sorry guys, maybe love from the 323 isn't always in your best interest.


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