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Posted by Frazier

Ok, I've had it. Apparantly some Florida St. boosters are asking for Bowden's job. Very interesting. Apparently it's not okay to be a coaching legend and ONLY 4-3 on the year. Oh yeah, their 3 losses have included ones to the #20 team (BC) in America (a game where FSU started 5 true freshmen) by 5 points and a tough, 7 point loss to the #12 team in the country (Clemson). Ok, the loss to NC State wasn't great, but they have played the 'Noles tough for years, and have been good at home, also knocking off BC in Raleigh. Bowden has been forced to play 17 freshmen in key roles this year. Yikes.

Also, they did make the Orange Bowl last year, and while 8-5 isn't the best record of Bowden's career, they did beat #5 Virginia Tech in the ACC Championship. If they had any kind of kicker they would have knocked off #3 Penn St. to finish the year as Orange Bowl champs.

In the previous three years FSU has gone 27-11 and appeared in the Orange Bowl twice. The other bowl was a Gator Bowl victory over WVU. They ended up with a #8 ranking to end 2003.

Compare him to another legend, Joe Paterno. This year PSU is similar to FSU, but with less upside, and sitting at 5-3. Everyone knows they had a magical run last year, but prior to that they finished 3-9 and 4-7. Now people were calling for Paterno to step down too, but a little patience paid off last year, as they finished 11-1 and the consensus #3 team. Any year where USC and Texas weren't easily the best two teams in the country and the Nittany Lions may have found themselves fighting for the title.

Florida St. fans owe everything they have to Bowden. Furthermore, the man still hasn't had a single fucking losing season since his first at the helm, thirty years ago. He hasn't finished the season unranked in TWENTY YEARS! Oh, he's also a gentleman, and one of the most respected, and nicest people in all of sports. Also, he landed the top defensive recruit in the country last year, so he is still drawing talent to Tallahassee, and he had virtually his entire defense drafted last year. Look, a made extra point in the Orange Bowl, and a couple plays against Clemson or BC, and everyone is talking about how Bowden is back, and FSU is getting all the hype they're used to. Whatever, Seminoles fans are fucking idiots. Someone should tomahawk chop these morons in the jugular.


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