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After last week's successes I'm a little nervous. Frankly, I'd prefer to go out on a high note. But I owe it to myself and the 323 to keep picking games. No Thursday or Friday picks this week, which I am notoriously off on, so hopefully I can keep up the streak.

Wake Forest +17 over Clemson

Wow, talk about getting no respect. The Demon Deacons are 5-0 and playing at home. I mean, they haven't been lighting the world on fire or anything, but they are winning football games. Furthermore, Clemson has a history of being streaky (which is a nice way of saying "complete shit for long periods of time"). The Deacs first four wins came over opponents from BCS conferences. They've beat Clemson the last two times they've played them at home, and their losses at Clemson were by 7 and 8 points. That hardly justifies such an egregious spread. Jim Grobe is an excellent coach who keeps his teams in the game. They don't do anything flashy, but they execute well, and have solid gameplans. Clemson will win this game, that's not really the point, but they aren't going to go on the road and blow this team out. Let's call the final 31-24.

Washington +20.5 AT USC

The Trojans aren't blowing teams out this year. Especially with the loss of McFoy to go with Jarrett. It will make scoring points even more difficult for this bunch. Now, they'll get over 20 again, but they aren't going to WIN by twenty. That's pretty ridiculous, especially against a Washington team that is 4-1 right now and has been winning close games. That points to experience, maturity and coaching, three things that prevent getting blown out. The Huskies will play with a ton of pride, because they've been taking it pretty bad from USC for the last several years. They cover the enormous spread, 30-17.

LSU over Florida, AT Florida

I like the Tigers in this one. Jamarcus Russell has been excellent, and their defense has been one of the best in the country. After their incredible battle against Auburn it became clear that if Auburn is 1, LSU is 1A. If that game had been in Baton Rouge they might have even escaped with the victory. Florida has simply not been impressive enough. They had a nice win at Tennessee, but LSU is a whole different kettle of fish. They have the same kind of balance that Florida does, but have been more dominant. I still don't trust Leak, and I think alternating him and Tebow will finally backfire, since that sort of thing never works out. I hate picking against the Gators in the Swamp, but I just don't think they'll win. LSU gets it done, 17-10.

Texas -6 over Oklahoma

Well, my heart wants me to pick the Sooners. It really does. And Stoops has an excellent record against the Longhorns, and they boast the best player on the field in Peterson. Maybe I'm out-smarting myself with this pick. I really hate picking this game because Texas is a complete mystery to me. They are capable of almost anything in my mind. But I think their defense carries them. I think they pack the box, and force Thompson into costly mistakes. I guess I just have a bad feeling about this one. I can't explain it but I think Texas wins, 27-18.

Michigan St. +17.5 AT Michigan

We all know that the Spartan's are Jekyll and Hyde. But they are usually at their best against good competition. They play up to, and down to, the level of their opponents. They have played the Wolverines close over the last several years, and I just think that 17.5 is too much in a rivalry game. Of course if they come out flat, they will lose by fifty. But I think it's a rebound game. They took last week off due to a bad hangover, AND looking forward to this one. The Wolverines win, but Sparty keeps them on their toes, 38-30.

Tennessee over Georgia, AT Georgia

Yikes, Erik Ainge vs. Joe T. Well, I can't pick Joe T. I think I've made my bed with this one. Tennessee's defense showed that they can create turnovers, and god knows Joe T. is capable of producing them. The Georgia defense may be a fraud, since no one knows for sure. But you can't escape game after game against mediocre opponents and then expect to handle the Vols. Without a running attack the Bulldogs are doomed to trust the shakiest quarterback in the country. That's not a good thing, and their season starts to unravel, 21-13.

Oregon +7.5 AT California

The Ducks have been completely dismissed following their WIN against Oklahoma. Well, as good as Marshawn Lynch and Nate Longshore have been, Jonathan Stewart and Dennis Dixon have been equally up to the task. This should be a fun game to watch with plenty of scoring on both sides. I'm not sure who has the better defense, although Oregon did hold Arizona St. to an absolutely anemic 33 yards passing. That is a mind-boggling number. I think they have enough to pull the upset, 37-34.

Hawaii -7 over Nevada

Any team that gave my boys from Boise a run for their money gets love for me. Also, it's never easy tripping out to the island and getting ready to play a serious game. I know Nevada has plenty of talent, and this game is going to include some serious pyrotechnics, but I think Hawaii pulls away, 45-34.

Last week: 7-0
Season: 10-6


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