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Posted by Frazier

Time to take a look at some teams receiving way more credit than they are due. The 323 is all about trying to slow down the hype machine, and giving some deserving teams the love they can't get through the typical media machine. Now, I'm not saying the following teams aren't any good, I'm just saying they are getting credit they haven't earned. If your team appears here it doesn't mean they suck, it just means they have to show me something before I am going to sweat their balls.

1) Texas. Well, they played one good team all year, and got pasted at home. Their only road game all year was a laugher at Rice, which probably had more Longhorn fans than Owl backers in attendance. They might be a very good team, but we have no idea really, and nothing to base a #7 national ranking on. They are ahead of unbeatens like Louisville and Georgia who have even played legit opponents. Their loss is a lot more like Iowa's, who is sitting at #19, than Oklahoma's, ranked #13. Beat the Sooners and they will have earned this spot, lose, and they should plummet to the level they deserve to be at now.

2) West Virginia. Now, the 323 might be guilty on this one as well. It's not like their ranking really reflects who they've beaten, really just the fact that no one expects them to lose much, if at all, this season. Still, no reason not to leave them further back and actually have to climb to these heights by winning the games they should win. How they are ranked ahead of Louisville, who is from the same conference, has been equally dominant, and destroyed Miami, as opposed to the Mountaineers who had to battle East Carolina, is beyond me. Frankly, West Virginia has one chance to earn this spot, and it's the ultimate showdown with Louisville. But that's a few weeks from now (I honestly can't wait). So until then, they are being ranked soley on hype, and the assumption they'll run a soft schedule. Now we know what happens when we assume...

This little fellow thinks that WVU will run the table due to a soft schedule.

3) Florida St. I may have thought too highly on the 'Noles before this season, but I quickly saw the error of my ways. Wow, a 3 point win at Miami. Yeah, Houston almost pulled off the same trick. I have been completely unimpressed with the offense. It has been downright embarrassing so far. Weatherford has regressed, if that is even possible, and the running game has been completely absent. They barely escaped Troy at home, and then lost to Clemson. Would they be in the Top 25 if they started the season unranked? I doubt it. So why so much love to a team that hasn't really done anything? Bobby Bowden has an aura, and so does his program, but that won't protect them if they struggle at NC State, which just might happen.

Honorable Mention:

USC has to prove something. They've been playing with fire.

Georgia needs an offense, any offense, before I take them seriously.


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