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Posted by Frazier

Yap yap yap yap yap. That's all some people do about the following players. Of course, it's a lot of sound and fury signifying nothing. These are the guys that people fell in love with early, and no one has the heart to tell them that they really aren't anything special. Would I want most of these guys on my team? Sure. But that doesn't mean I would want to have to hear about their alleged greatness all day. Of course it's early, but these guys have yet to live up to the hype.

1) Ted Ginn. Yikes. He is the captain of the squad, no doubt about that. He isn't even the top receiver on his team, he doesn't have a big running play, or big return, and he's all that anyone ever talks about. This is a hangover from last year, where he was downright terrible at times, and yet every broadcast began with stories of how he was going to be the difference maker. He also has the unique ability to totally disappear during big games. Also, he's a prima donna who doesn't take it tough across the middle, or make third down catches. Yeah, he's fast, so is Marion Jones. Would you want her in your huddle? Me either.

2) Brady Quinn. He has a boatload of talent, obviously. He also literally threw the Michigan game away, and had an absolutely wretched first quarter against the Spartans which would have cost them the game if John L. Smith weren't mentally handicapped. Against Michigan he started 2-13 for 5 yards and an interception returned for a touchdown by that point his team was down 34-7. Um, yeah, you might say he ruined that game for them. He gets rattled too easily, and seems to be at his best with either a big lead, or in a big hole. Needless to say, that is the opposite of what makes a great player. I love the talent, I question his heart and his head.

3) Erik Ainge. The kid has show some bright spots, and his play has definitely improved under David Cutcliffe, but he still makes too many mistakes. Another guy who pretty much ruined his teams chance at an unbeaten record so far. His 17-32 for 186 yards and 2 interception performance against Florida wasn't enough. His team lost by a single point at home, and he made two big mistakes, and missed a lot of receivers. In the Cal game his receivers broke short passes for huge gains, and the rest of the opposition has been a pretty meager crop. He ain't back yet, that's for sure.

4) Zac Taylor. Ok, I'm not listening to any more "Nebraska runs the west coast offense" garbage. I don't really know what they run. What I do know is that against USC they ran, ran, ran, and then ran again until all hope was lost. I don't care that he put up big numbers against Kansas, I just know that he hasn't won the confidence of his own coaches, and didn't make the plays in the one game that mattered. This kid is still a long way from where he needs to be. Going 8-16 for 115 yards against the only real opponent they've played is just not enough. He is going to be eaten alive against legit competition. Taylor barely beat out the Drew's, Stanton (who I think everyone is off of right now) and Tate (who gets a pass, barely, since I still like his heart).

5) Paul Posluszny. Ugh. It kills me to do this. I know he's the returning Butkus award winner, but he is, at best, the second best linebacker on his own team right now. Dan Connor is far and away the better player this year. Puz has been a step slow all year, and just hasn't fully recovered from the severe knee injury he suffered in the Orange Bowl. He has a bright future if he can get his speed and mobility back, but right now he looks like a shell of his former self. His team has needed him more than ever this year, and he has failed to produce. I've watched a lot of Penn St. this year, and his name keeps being brought up as an elite player, but if I sat someone down who had no idea who he was, that person would never be able to spot him based on his play. The fact that another linebacker on his own team has been outplaying him, and still living in his shadow, forces me to put Puz on the list. I just hope my turtle, Little Puz, will forgive me.

Hey Puz! Wanna race? I'll give you a head start...

Honorable Mention:

Joe T, of course! He really is terrible, and anyone who thinks he is the answer to the Bulldogs offensive woes is kidding themselves. This might be the worst news any knowledgable Georgia fan could get: Tereshinski expects to return vs. Volunteers. I can't wait to bet against him, let the good times roll!

Rudy Carpenter. He has been pretty abysmal in Arizona St.'s two losses which lay squarely on his shoulders. Maybe the pressure of a quarterback battle was good for him, and kept him on his toes. Whatever it was, it's gone now. He failed to make the list because he's been so awful recently that I don't think anyone rates him highly anymore.


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