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Posted by Walter

Big ups to Frazier for picking all seven of the saturday games correctly. I was a respectable 4-1 (missing on Iowa and refusing to pick the Oregon game even though we all knew that line was outrageous). So without further ado, a special (and very quick) Yom Kippur edition of Student Body.

I was right about Anthony Gonzalez. He, not Ted Ginn, is the best WR on Ohio State. He is fast like Ginn, but unlike Ginn he is also tough enough to go over the middle.

I was wrong about Iowa. Hey Kirk Ferentz, when you pass incomplete on first down, run for 1 yard on second down, you get 3rd and long. Just thought you might like to know that.

I was right about Garrette Wolfe. Already over 1,100 yards this season, he is on pace to break Barry Sanders all time mark. Wolfe dominated Ohio State and if he has another huge game against a suspect Iowa rush defense he could earn an invitation to the downtown touchdown club.

I was wrong about Oregon. I still think they lose at Cal this weekend, but I'm about ready to admit I missed the boat on them. They have a serious shot to beat USC this season (I think Cal is the best team in the conference) but the Ducks can't overlook Wazzou.

I was right about Boise State. Chris Peterson has their offense rolling as if Dan Hawkins ever left, but the Broncos finally have a defense to match their powerful offense. This team reminds me a ton of the Utah team from a couple of years ago that crashed the BCS and dominated Pitt.

I was wrong about Utah. They stink, plain and simple.

I was right about Steve Spurrier. The guy is the best football coach on the planet not named Belichick and he proved it with an absolutely masterful offensive gameplan against an Auburn defense that has totally shut down the entire SEC. Give him two more seasons in Columbia and he will have that team in the top 10.

I was wrong about Oregon. I was very wrong, it's only fair that I admit it twice.


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