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Posted by Walter

I was right about East Carolina. West Virginia came out very sluggish in their first road game of the year, and the Pirates played disciplined enough on defense to cover the spread. While the Mountaineers were able to keep an underrated East Carolina offense in check, the Morgantown faithful have to be concerned that the Mountaineers are the only team in America yet to register a sack on the season (despite playing subpar opponents).

I was wrong about Arizona State. Although maybe it’s that I was right (in my preseason analysis) about the Cal defense. Daymeion Hughes was nothing short of spectacular, but Rudy Carpenter and Co. looked out of sync all day long. On defense, the Sun Devils looked like a high school team playing against the superior athletes of Cal, and it appears as though their defensive success this season was a product of poor competition.

I was right about the Notre Dame game. The comeback was a miracle, true, but I do believe that I had Michigan State covering yet still losing to the Irish because of a huge day by Brady Quinn. Ignore the way the game played out and just look at the stats and I was dead on accurate.

[As a side note, I have to say that the end of the game management by John L Smith was by far the worst coaching job I have ever seen in my life. First of all I have never EVER seen a kick returner start to return a kick and then decide to take a knee at the 15 yard line with nobody anywhere near him. However, if the Spartans had just ran the ball three times and punted I could almost understand it. Instead, the Spartans run the ball twice against 9 men in the box and predictable get 0 yards. At this point, one has to figure that Michigan State has committed themselves to running once more and then punt. Instead Smith calls a pass play on third and 10, Stanton gets pressured (the 9 men in the box yet again), and throws a pick which is returned for a TD. Just inexplicable.]

I was wrong about BC. Awful game, and frankly I’m not ready to discuss it so let’s just move on.

I was right about Eric Weddle. A the323 favorite from the very beginning, Weddle established himself Saturday as the best player you’ve never seen play. The Utah defensive back turned in a performance for the ages registering three interceptions, three touchdowns (2 INT returns and one fumble return), and half a sack just for good measure. Weddle won’t have the measurables of some of the elite defensive backs at this year’s combine, but if he isn’t a first round pick I don’t know who is. God I hope the Patriots draft him!

I was wrong about Anthony Morrelli. Albeit I am a little bitter that his utter meltdown in the waning minutes cost me a winning week on my picks (his two INT returned for TD allowed the Buckeyes to cover), but Morrelli’s performance on Saturday was the worst I have seen in a long time. Morrelli is a thrower, not a quarterback. He consistently delivered the ball high and wide, he doesn’t make a good pre snap read, he never looks off the safety (as evidence by his first INT), and most importantly he NEVER delivers the ball on time. Any football fan knows that on a 3 or 5 step drop the ball has to be on its way out when that back foot hits. Against OSU Morrelli never got a pre snap read and was thus unable to deliver the ball on time. After his disaster on Saturday Morrelli has fallen to the level of Joe T in my mind.


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