Power Rankings (Week 4)  

Posted by Walter

#1 Ohio State

Walter: Though cliched, the OSU-PSU game was a lot closer than the score indicated.....A LOT! Was Ohio State simply looking ahead to a very important game at Iowa this week or was this simply another case of the #1 team in the land not yet clicking on all cylinders? Buckeye fans better hope for the former, because if they play like they did against Penn State on Saturday, they will not escape Iowa City with a win.

Frazier - If Troy Smith goes 12-22 for 115 yds and 2 interceptions against Iowa, the Buckeyes will probably be looking at a very different result. So far he has captained the ship and they haven't hit an iceberg, but this team hasn't definitively proven that they are the best in the country. I thought this offense was supposed to be slashing and gashing for huge numbers every week, and eventually they are going to need to to stay undefeated.

#2 Auburn

Walter: No Kenny Irons, no problem. Well playing Buffalo helps too. Still, one has to be impressed with the stable of tailbacks at Auburn. Given their lineage of running backs in the NFL (see "Running Back University") this is nothing surprising, but it is worth mentioning that Brandon Lester ran for 100 yards and a score on Saturday all in the 4th quarter......did I mention he's the 4th string tailback?

Frazier - It looks like the future is bright at Running Back University. So that's good to know. Other than that, we learned nothing from the Buffalo game. It would have been more interesting to watch the Bulls play the kids from that "Two a Days" show.

Could this little bitch and his teammates handle
Buffalo? It would have been more interesting
to find out than watching Auburn smoke the Bulls.

#3 Michigan

Walter: Michigan's victory over Wisonsin should not be lost in the shuffle. The Wolverines were down early but came through with a dominating defensive performance over the final three quarters, holding Wisconsin tailback PJ Hill to well under 100 yards. Everyone says Michigan has the best front 7 in the nation (they do) but I think Badger coach Bret Beilema said it best "They have the best front 14!" It's true, Michigan's backup lineman and linebackers could start for most programs.

Frazier - The Big Ten has always been a bruising conference, and Michigan proved once again that their defense is to be reckoned with. Shutting out the Badgers in the second half after a slow start was impressive. Avoiding a letdown after such a huge win against Notre Dame shows that this team has finally matured, and may continue to play up to their considerable talent for the rest of the year.

#4 USC

Walter: The defense has been outstanding, but the offense just hasn't clicked yet. Losing Dwayne Jarrett is a potentially devestating injury if he is in fact out for an extended period. True they have two top recruits to fill his starting spot (Patrick Turner and Dewon Hazelton) but make no mistake about it, Jarrett is the Trojans best player! If the offense doesn't start clicking again they could be in trouble this saturday on the road against a very pesky Washington State team.

Frazier - The Jarrett injury is tough for a team that has yet to click on offense. While, the WR stud is talking about playing this weekend, the chances don't look great. A slew of injuries is bedeviling this team for a second consecutive year, but they still have the talent to keep on plowing ahead. However, they no longer have the incredible talent and experience to take a quarter off, or fall behind early. USC needs consistent effort in all phases of the game.

#5 Florida

Walter: It's hard to get too excited about the Gators victory over Kentucky, but they did get the job done. Still, there has to be some concern about the Florida secondary as Kentucky QB Andre Woodson was able to repeatedly find open recievers. The lack of pass rush hurt the Gators as well. Their matchup at Auburn later this year looms larger by the day, and could prove to be the most important game of the entire season.

Frazier - Florida had twice as many total yards as Kentucky, and held the 'Cats to only 39 on the ground, so it's hard to have anything particularly negative to say about the Gators effort on Saturday. They might not look dominant, but they are playing well on both sides of the ball, and getting excellent play from the embattled Chris Leak. Kentucky played a tough game, and made some plays, but Florida gets credit for never letting them make the big play to put the game in doubt.

#6 Louisville

Walter: Great victory by Louisville this past week going into Manhatten and beating a 3-0 Kansas State team that had to believe they could win. Hunter Cantwell was just fine, but its the Cardinals defense that is raising eyebrows. Remember the name Amobi Okoye. He has been just about unblockable for the past few weeks and since he started as a 16 year old Freshman at Louisville, he will be a robust 20 years old on draft day.

Frazier - Well, the Cardinals defense has certainly gotten my attention. Has it gotten yours? That unit has been totally overshadowed by the pyrotechnics, and the big names on the other side of the ball, but have been the key to an excellent start. They were great against Kansas St. and this team looks like they should be able to hold the course until Brohm returns to lead them into battle against WVU.

#7 West Virginia

Walter: Good win against a tougher than expected East Carolina team. The Pirates deserve credit for providing the nation with a blue print for slowing down the Mountaineer offense. Play smart, play under control, and stay within your responsibilities. Pat White threw 3 TD passes but he also threw 3 INT. Make him throw to beat you. One other thing, if I were a Mountaineer fan I would be very worried that I was the only team in the country yet to register a QB sack.....especially with a Bobby Petrino coached Louisville team looming.

Frazier - For once West Virginia didn't crush their opponent with an opening haymaker, and found themselves in a game until the fourth quarter. The Pirates deserve credit for making Pat White beat them through the air, where he almost threw the game away, besides throwing it to the wrong team. The Mountaineers need to get pressure on opposing quarterbacks. This win showed a lot of chinks in the armor of a team that needs to win, and look impressive doing it, to make a case for any chance at a title.

#8 Oregon

Walter: @ Arizona State, @ California, UCLA, @ Washington State.....Bong....Bong.....Oregon, the bell tolls for thee. Your days as America's super frauds are coming to an end.

Frazier - Welcome back to the PAC-10 Ducks. No more home cooking, so now you have to prove something. The team is well coached, and has a lot of talent. We'll see how far it takes them.

#9 Georgia

Walter: In avoiding a disastrous loss, the Bulldogs showed their true colors. Folks, this is a bad offensive team. Not inefficient, not sluggish, just bad. When Ohio State won the national title they had a bad offense, but they had some playmakers on that bad offense. Georgia has nobody to make plays on offense and this is going to come back to hurt them against a good team.

Frazier - Nobody can run, nobody can pass. While Joe Cox looked good (and solidified his position as the best "Joe" quarterback on the team) this team needs a lot of help offensively. Maybe it's time for a gadget offense, trick plays, wacky formations, or direct appeals to a higher power, because you can't pitch a shutout every game, especially in the SEC. We're still in Act One of the play this season, where everything is looking perfect for our hero. Just remember, the end of act two is am embarrassing loss removing them from a title contender. The final act of the play finds them as an after-thought for everyone not in the peachtree state.

#10 Virginia Tech

Walter: After BC's inexplicable loss to Chuck Chuck Amato, the #10 spot in the rankings has become somewhat of a musical chairs. What can I say about Tech, they are the best of the rest....yet something tells me that their run in the power 10 will be short as well.

Frazier - Beamer ball is alive and well. While I hate the Hokies (hate, hate) they have dominated the teams they've needed to dominate this year. A win over Georgia Tech (even if it is the incredibly rare, second consecutive home game) would be the first significant mark on the record.


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