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I'd like to take a moment to discuss a team that just missed out Power 10 this week. It's the Iowa Hawkeyes. Here is a team that has been generally overlooked the last several years, even though they have played great football, under one of the best coaches in the country. Of course Iowa remains in that second tier of teams, like Virginia Tech, Oregon, California and Georgia. Teams that have been consistently excellent, but have found a way to lose a game early enough in the year to really remove themselves from national title discussion. Then they finish 10-2, and everyone sort of remembers them doing the same thing the year before, and think "wow, that team has been a lot better than I thought".

Well, Iowa is in that second tier. They have had some high draft picks, some BCS bowl appearances, and have played well at the highest level. They have simply failed to break through. Usually I blame the coach for failing to finish the job. However, I am willing to wait a little while before I pillory Ferentz. He reminds me more of a Nick Saban, a guy that got a ton of hype and respect, and was able to break through for a title. Not a guy like Mark Richt, who has such amazing talent, but who always manages to lose the one game they NEED to win.

Anyways, just pay attention this Saturday to how Iowa plays. I bet they keep things close, don't make big mistakes or commit stupid penalties, and give themselves a chance to win the game. They don't have the talent that Ohio St. has, and Tressel has a title under his belt, so he's no slouch. But just remember that Kirk Ferentz is always going to give his team a chance to win, no matter the situation.

This is the look you want your general to have
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