Sanity Returns  

Posted by Frazier

So it looks like the Red Raiders came to their senses and signed Mike Leach to an extension.

Apparently the Texas Tech Chancellor, Hance sat down and worked out a deal with Leach IN FIFTEEN MINUTES!

Literally, that's how long the negotiations took. I've negotiated longer to purchase a burrito.

It turns out that they agreed that Leach would simply have to provide information in writing if he was planning on interviewing with another school. I'm pretty sure that's what Leach offered earlier, and the AD rejected because he simply can't get over himself.

Anyways, Leach got a fair deal, Tech got themselves a good coach, and the AD made himself look like a buffoon. Now all Tech has to do is hope that their ridiculous negotiating practices and hardballing of their soon-to-be all time winningest coach didn't sour the relationship.

Tech fans can breathe easy again, although they may want to consider getting another AD.


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