Don't Do it Texas Tech!  

Posted by Frazier

It looks like another team is dangerously close to losing a great coach because the AD can't get passed his own ego.

Texas Tech is playing hardball with Mike Leach for no apparent reason. Leach interviewed for a single position this year (UW) despite being one of the hottest names in the game. He is certainly not the kind of guy who has been constantly trying to get another job.

Also, Tech, you're probably the third biggest football school in your own state (Texas and A&M are bigger, and TCU is no slouch for that matter). So get over yourself. You're fortunate to have a great, exciting coach who wins ballgames and puts asses in seats. Leach is certainly being fairly compensated, so that isn't the issue. Furthermore, Leach seems to genuinely enjoy coaching there, and building up that program.

Also, Leach has two more years on his current contract. These discussions are about a possible extension. But the rhetoric from the AD's office is getting pretty tough. Leach has been mellow (there's a shocker) but the school is refusing counter-offers, and setting firm deadlines and threatening to rescind offers. It's that sort of hardballing that bites you in the ass. Maybe Leach eventually accepts, but the way Tech is handling this has GOT to put a bad taste in his mouth. I know I'd be pretty pissed if I'd been a loyal employee and got a new contract offer with all sorts of hardball lines and negotiating. What has he done to deserve this?

Here's the most ridiculous part. Tech wants a clause that says he can be fired if he doesn't get permission to interview elsewhere. Now, the AD is claiming that he'd grant permission, and just wants to stay informed.

Now, the firing penalty is silly (look at BC and Jags, they lost a great coach for no reason). But, the desire to not have your coach back-door you makes sense.

So what does Leach do? He offers to put in that clause, but make it so he only has to INFORM the AD, not seek his permission to interview. Now, if the AD is all concerned about staying in the loop, then this clause squarely meets that concern. However, Tech is refusing to accept the term. Meaning they want the power to deny permission. It's that simple. So, basically the AD is lying when he says he'd grant permission, because if that were true there is no way they need that clause when Leach is offering to inform them.

Anyways, the board of Regents is meeting Friday, and will make some sort of announcement. Unless they are brain-dead they will announce that they will accept Leach's perfectly reasonable counter-offer. Or, they may say that they will revisit the contract extension next year. They have him under contract for two more years, so they may as well get the benefit of his winning ways.

Knowing the kinds of egos involved, they'll probably fire him. Just another team more than willing to cut off their nose to spite their face.


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