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Posted by Frazier

Just wanted to comment on a couple of interesting items in the world of college ball:

- Ask Alex Boone what it feels like to be Tased. Actually, don't. This drunken tirade over the weekend probably won't help his draft chances. Not exactly sure why the 6'8 312lb lineman thought he was going to hide UNDER a patio.

- Larry Coker has fallen a LONG way. I mean, I know he was terrible at the U, but now he is planning his return to college ball at UT-San Antonio? The "program" is looking to begin playing in 2011! At least it won't be too depressing to play in a completely empty Alamo Dome.

- Was bummed to hear that Hal Mumme has prostate cancer. It sounds like he'll be getting treatment and we look forward to seeing Hal back at work soon. He's sort of a quiet legend of college football, and we wish him a speedy recovery. I also hope his experience is a firm reminder to older men to get a prostate exam! It may be uncomfortable, but it could save your life.

- Looks like Pat Devlin is attempting the Joe Flacco route to the NFL. I gotta say, I always thought that should be a knock against Flacco. It sort of reeked of quitting to me. Also, Devlin was clearly going to get his shot as a Senior. I think it says something about a guy who is willing to forego a year of starting at Penn State in order to start two years at Delaware! I want players who want to test themselves at the highest level. But that's just me.


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