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Apropos of nothing, here are ten thoughts for a Friday afternoon…….

1) Is Lane Kiffin nuts? Less than two months on the job and he’s already throwing barbs at Urban Meyer. Lane you seem like a nice enough guy, go ask Mark Richt if it’s a good idea to piss off Meyer.
2) That said, it would be nice to get the Florida-Tennessee rivalry going again. Steve Spurrier announcing that you can’t spell “Citrus” without U-T is still one of the all-time trash talking moments.
3) So disgraced Auburn offensive coordinator Tony Franklin just signed up for the same job at Middle Tennessee State. Yup, after watching the Tigers in 2008 that sounds about right.
4) The only difference between what Jim Harbaugh is doing at Stanford and what Ed Orgeron did at Ole Miss. is expectations. Stanford’s are reasonable, Mississippi’s weren’t.
5) What’s up with Ohio State? Over the past few years the only thing they’ve produced more of than NFL players is fodder for the police blotter. Is “the” Ohio State University becoming the “U” of the North? And if they are, does that make Tressel Dennis Erickson?
6) So Kirk Ferentz interviewed for the KC Chiefs head coaching position and Iowa didn’t even fire him. You listening BC?
7) I’m sorry Alabama, but I have GOT to believe Nick Saban’s persuasion skills could be put to better use than convincing 18 year olds to spend the next four years of their lives in Tuscaloosa. Has the State Department looked into this?
8) Former BC offensive coordinator Steve Logan just landed with the Tampa Bay Bucs and old friend Jeff Jagodzinski. This lends the question, has a football coach EVER been hired on merit and not simply because his drinking buddy wanted him around again?
9) I think within three years Tommy Tubberville will be the head coach at one his old haunts (Texas A&M and Miami) or Clemson (aka Auburn lite).
10) I definitely want to echo Frazier’s well wishes to Hal Mumme in his upcoming fight with prostate cancer. “Quiet legend” is a great way to describe Mumme, long known as a “mad scientist” of sorts for his teams’ high octane passing attacks. However, Hal Mumme the man was as understated and unpretentious as his schemes were potent. Mumme refrained from drawing attention to himself and taking credit for his players success, as many so-called offensive geniuses tended to do (Mr. Spurrier I am looking in your direction). Mumme has been described as inconsistent (probably), unorthodox (almost certainly), and innovative (without a doubt), but I’d like to add one more: underrated…..hey the guy won at Iowa Wesleyan, Valdosta State, and Kentucky, and was even able to get All-America caliber play from Tim Couch! Good luck Coach Mumme, from all of us here at the323.


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