Senior Bowl Recap - weigh in  

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Well the season is over, and forgettable as it was it did, at least, give us something to talk about every day. Now without actual games going on we are forced to turn our attention to other things, such as recruiting wars, season wrap ups, and, perhaps most importantly, the success, or lack there of, of our favorite collegiate players in the NFL. Yes the NFL draft and all the accompanying hype is upon us, and as any good draftnick knows the first and sometimes most critical step for NFL prospects is the Senior Bowl being held this weekend in Mobile Alabama. Thanks to the NFL network I will be watching Senior Bowl practice all week and giving my thoughts on the prospects as I see fit. However, I’d be remiss not to comment on the official weigh in that happened over the weekend. There were few surprises, but a couple of things worth noting:

1) Hawaii QB Colt Brennan measured a shade over 6’2’’ and a rail thin 185 lbs. In other words he looks more like a high school backup than an NFL QB. More importantly, this is just another dent in his armor. Combine his lack of size with his below average arm strength, poor performances against top competition, and stigma of being a “system QB” and you may get yourself a player who can be had on day 2 of the draft!

2) UTP offensive lineman Oniel Cousins, a raw but intriguing prospect, helped himself by measuring a legit 6’4’’ and 301 lbs. The consensus was that Cousins had the raw skill to play left tackle in the NFL, but may not have had the size. While he won’t be confused with John Odgen anytime soon, Cousins has the frame to play tackle, meaning a higher draft grade and more money for him.

3) The two most impressive players at the weigh in: Clemson offensive tackle Barry Richardson (6’6’’ 331) and Michigan linebacker Shawn Crable ( 6’5’’ 241). There is no doubt both players look the part, but getting them to play up to their physical tools was something neither’s college coach was able to do. Still, it remains true that the one thing you can’t coach is size.

4) Several 323 favorites helped themselves immensely at the weigh in. LSU linebacker, and speed freak, Ali Highsmith came in at just under 6 feet even and an impressive 229 lbs., more than adequate size for weak side NFL linebacker. UCLA rush end Bruce Davis weighed in at 241 lbs., a bit light for a defensive end, but measured well over 6’2’’ meaning he has room to add weight should his team want him to play with his hand down. Finally, little mentioned Tennessee tight end Brad Cottam looked more like an offensive tackle than a TE at nearly 6’8’’ and 271 lbs. With more and more NFL teams preferring to use tight ends in lieu of fullbacks (thank you spread offense) Cottam could move himself into the middle rounds with a big week of blocking.

5) But it wasn’t all pretty: USC defensive tackle Sedrick Ellis is a phenomenal player, but he is short…..very short, measuring under 6’1’’. Dorien Bryant, the super productive Purdue wideout, was one of the smallest non-kickers at about 5’9’’ and a half and a skinny 169 lbs. And standout Boston College ballhawking defensive back DeJuan Tribble came in at an impressively solid 190 lbs. but a very short 5’8’’ and a half.


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