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Posted by Frazier

- I love Todd Reesing. He's one of the gutsiest guys you'll ever see. I mean, a 5' 9 quarterback lowering his shoulder and taking on an all-american linebacker? Wow. He's all heart.
-Mark Mangino understands football. He schemed brilliantly, and put his players in position to with the game. He got first downs out of formations, and rolled the dice just enough to keep his band of underdogs fighting tough, without seeming desperate.
-Frank Beamer has come this far by doing three things. Playing conservative, smash-mouth football, playing great defense, and making special teams plays. Well, the special teams played about even, and the defense was very sturdy, but he insisted on throwing the ball all over the field. Ore had over 100 yards on the ground, and their only scoring drive aside from a late hurry-up effort came from running Ore up the gut and punishing the Kansas defense. Beamer out-smarted himself in this one.
-Mark Mangino understands how to turn mediocre talent into a GREAT team. Here's the recipe: Win the turnover battle (something they did all season), don't make mistakes (least penalized team in the country) play good special teams (definitely on display tonight) and put your players in a position to win (good schemes both offensively and defensively, good adjustments). Finally, find a quarterback your team will respond to, who isn't afraid to make plays, and will take care of the ball.
-Mangino showed why he was the coach of the year, and Kansas proved that they belonged in the BCS after all. Their only loss this year was to the #6 team in the nation who just proved how good they are, and they finished the year by beating the #3 team. Wow.


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