Bowl PIckoff - 1/3  

Posted by Walter

Orange Bowl

Frazier: VTech -3 over Kansas

Last night certainly weakened my resolve on this pick. It's not like I expect Tech's offense to explode or anything, it a very pedestrian unit. However, it's impossible to deny the fact that Kansas lost to the only team they played with a pulse. That being said, Mizzou certainly proved that they are a pretty legit team, so it's impossible to say Kansas is a bunch of bums based on that result. Still, one of these teams has played a tough schedule, and has some good wins on the resume. That team ain't the Jayhawks. I love Reesing, but the Hokie pressure gets to him in a 27-17 Tech victory.

Walter: VTech -3 over Kansas

I like Kansas, I really do. I'd like to pick them, but I won't. Frankly I haven't seen enough out of the Jayhawks to believe they can go toe to toe with a big, physical, bullying Hokie team. I don't know what Todd Reesing will do when faced with the kind of pass rush VTech will bring. I don't know how the no-name Kansas defense will react if Tech comes out and tries to run the ball right down their throat. I don't know whether Coach Mangino will make the necessary adjustments and take the necessary risks to stay in this game. One thing I do know is that one way or another you can count on this game being a blowout. I don't think Kansas has it in them. Tech big, 31-10.

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Frazier's Bonus Picks:

Edwards +7 over Clinton

It's hard to get first time voters out under any circumstances, and the Democratic caucuses are tricky beasts. Howard Dean learned that the hard way, so I gotta go with the proven strategy in an upset.

Mike Huckabee even over Mitt Romney

Huckabee has some things going against him, namely first time caucusers. However, unlike the Democrats side, there is no vote-poaching in a second vote, so there won't be a chance for moderates to go Romney if their candidate (Giuliani or McCain) isn't viable. Also, Huckabee is relying on conservative Christians who have proven an acumen for political organizing. I see them getting it done, especially with Romney's negatives going up due to his attack ads.


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