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Posted by Frazier

Ok, lots more madness. I just wanted to make the following observations:

- Virginia Tech is officially "lurking" right now. They are WVU and Mizzou losses away from potentially being in the drivers' seat.

- Kansas is going to get shelled for last nights' game, and it's unfair. Look, they were obviously frazzled in the big environment. That being said, I've watched a lot of their games, and they made mistakes (ugly interceptions, missed field goals, costly penalties) that they haven't made ALL year.

- Mizzou deserves credit for being a really underrated team, but if Kansas had shown up in the first half, they really could have won that game. I think the Jayhawks deserve credit, and I'm going to be pissed when this really talented team is relegated to some third-rate bowl because they didn't win. It's just unfair. Right now, they would beat Texas. Book it.

- I still love the guts of Todd Reesing. He certainly was not himself last night. He made some costly errors, and was throwing high (a sure sign of nerves) all night. Also, Mizzou did a great job of cutting down his throwing lanes, which he relies on due to his height. Still, Reesing battled tough, and refused to let his team quit. They were a defensive stop or recovered onside kick away from stealing this one, and it was because Reesing would not be denied. When the going got tough, so did Todd. He'll be hanging his head this morning, and he certainly made a lot of mistakes, but the guy has a huge heart, and he could start for me any time.


Gotta disagree. Enough with the Kansas love fest. They stunk up the joint last night, and Reesing was the guiltiest party. He consistently missed open recievers, was bailed out by circus catches on several other occasions, and turned the ball over to a sub par Mizzou defense. Had Reesing been 70% as good as he's been all year, Kansas wins that game. Bottom line, he choked in the big one.

But there is plenty of blame to go around for Kansas. Their defense, which had been solid all year, let them down big time. In fact I cannot recall a game where I've seen a team tackle worse. It was like watching high school football when the Jayhawks were out there.

Look, they were a nice story all year, but they didn't beat anyone and I think they proved every skeptic right.

Although, yes, they would work texas.....but then again so did Dennis Franchione, so I'm not even sure that is a compliment.

To clarify.

Reesing really let himself and his team down. But in the end, he at least showed character. A lot of guys would have folded, and at least he fought. A la Matt Ryan against Virginia Tech.

The Jayhawks tackling was atrocious.

I just wish Kansas had played last night like I've seen them play in every other game (making field goals, tackling, etc) because last night wasn't the real Kansas either.

In a year where there are a lot of frauds, Kansas was no worse a culprit than anyone else, and I just hope that they don't catch the backlash of everyone else.

Could Kansas beat Ohio St. West Virginia or Missouri? Yeah, I think they probably could, and therefore I think they earned to be in the discussion late in the season.

That being said, they lost. They deserved to.

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