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I was right about..............

(1) Texas Tech taking advantage of a suddenly shaky Sooner secondary. Going into the season, offensive line and the secondary were supposed to be Oklahoma's mainstays on each side of the football. The offensive line has held up its part dominating from day 1, but after a fast start to say that the Sooner secondary has fallen apart would be an understatement. Graham Harrell and Texas Tech repeatedly took advantage of sloppy play by Oklahoma defensive backs (missing jams at the line, taking poor angles to the ball, and most of all POOR TACKLING) en route to a monster offensive showing. We also learned that Oklahoma's loss at Colorado was not a fluke. The Sooners are a BAD road team (see also their struggles with Iowa State in Ames). Texas Tech, on the other hand, is a beast at home. Perhaps this outcomes shouldn't have been such a shocker after all......The embarrasment that has become the (2) Michigan Wolverines. But let's be clear on one thing, it wasn't the defense's fault. Quite the contrary. I've been one to rip Ron English these past two seasons, but his unit put forth a heroic effort against the Buckeyes. With the Wolverine offense consistently going three and out (more on this in a moment), the UM defense bent (200+ rushing yards to Beanie Wells) but didn't break (only 14 points allowed). The defense kept them in the game. Now as for the offense, I wonder if anyone has ever gone from fringe first round pick to out of the draft, because that's what Chad Henne looked like on Saturday. I haven't seen such poor quarterbacking in a big game since Peyton Manning was throwing 4 picks to the Pats a few years back. Henne came back for his senior year for that game and then he went out and stunk it up. Henne should be embarrassed by his performance.......The (3) Indiana Hoosiers....that's right. As my friend Brian can attest to, we were all set to pick Purdue -2.5 to win at Bloomington Saturday (for recreational purposes only of course) until I heard the ESPN gameday story about how Terry Hoeppner's widow was going to be giving the pregame speech. Frankly, there was no way Indiana was losing that game, and not only did Purdue not cover they lost outright.

I was wrong about.......

(1) The Georgia offense. Perhaps I was a bit premature in annointing the Bulldogs unstoppable. Sure, Moreno and Stafford are young horses to build a football team around, but as we learned on Saturday, even against a bad defense they are still too young and inexperienced to be immune from an off day. There is simply no way those two shouldn't have combined for close to 400 yards against a porous Wildcat defense (in reality they netted close to 200), but alas they didn't. The good news for Georgia is that team still won, despite off days from two of their biggest stars. That is a mark of a good team, and bodes well for big things in 2008......The (2) Cincinatti Bearacats defense. I didn't give the Cincy boys any chance of stopping Pat White and company, and while they didn't they did slow them down enough to have a chance to win the game in the fourth quarter. Pat White is a tremendous player, but Cincinati deserves a lot of credit for harrassing him into a couple of mistakes. While the game wasn't really ever in doubt, it wasn't the smackdown I thought it would be (especially after the Oregon loss made style points imperative for the Mountaineers). Again, its a sign of a good team when you can win without your best stuff, but before we go killing the Mountaineer offense, lets give credit to the Cinci D........Doubting the (3) BC Eagles! Way to go boys. I thought you might have that one in you but I was too afraid of the jinx to predict it. You've made this weekend's game against Miami all but inconsequential as far as the national scene is concerned, but you've made it a hell of a lot more fun for the Chestnut Hill faithful who will be there to cheer you on. On a side note, it has gotten to be almost ridiculous what Matt Ryan is doing at the end of these games. Playing with wideouts who would struggle to make a CFL roster let alone an NFL one he consistently raises his play when the stakes are the highest. I can't wait to see what he can do with some legitimate weapons on the outisde.....sadly for us BC fans that will have to wait until he's gone from college.


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