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Posted by Frazier

I need to comment on the big man's Tuesday question. Not only were his responses hilarious, but he seriously struck a nerve with me.

While I may have talked trash about Dennis Erickson (and I thought those were pretty well-aimed jokes) I did overlook the aforementioned ass-whupping that the Beavers laid on Notre Dame.

That is easily one of my favorite games of all time. Watching the Beavers obliterate the Domers and talk the most trash, do the most taunting, and commit the most blatant penalties ever, I mean, it was magical. The whole thing puts a smile on my face. Notre Dame was completely embarrassed that night, and I honestly believe that their aura has never been the same.

So thanks Dennis, but you're still an ass.

Oh, and I'd watch a game with Spurrier any day. He's a crazy-person, but it'd be a blast.


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