The Heisman Run Down - Part Deux  

Posted by Frazier

Ok, so some things have changed in Heisman land. So it's time to take a look around the country and see how the carnage of last weekend has left the chase for the premier individual award in college football.

1) Andre Woodson, QB, Kentucky

Hard to argue against Woodson right now. He's led a no-name Kentucky team to an undefeated early record, and one of the two remaining unbeatens in the SEC. He is skilled both running and passing, but it's his ball control and decision making that have set him apart. When you have a terrible defense you simply cannot turn the ball over, and Woodson has been nearly perfect. He's the leader so far, but he'll be severely tested by a brutal schedule. If the Wildcats pull some upsets, he'll have a serious case to bring home the hardware.

#2) Darren McFadden, RB/QB/WR/Swiss-Army Running Back, Arkansas

He's still the best player in the land. He gets ignored because last week he was pasting North Texas for a half while everyone else was fighting for their lives. Still, he is the most explosive player in football. I know the big man likes to talk about Desean Jackson being a game-changer, but so is McFadden, and he gets the ball a hell of a lot more. If someone doesn't emerge from the top tier teams, then McFadden may still have a shot at the prize because he's simply the best player around. It kills me to put him behind Woodson, but so far Andre has single-handedly carried his team, while Darren hasn't been able to make chicken salad out of chicken shit. Oh, and his coach may be trying to run him to death.

#3) Tim Tebow, QB, Florida

Fine. The hype-machine may have a point about this kid. He was an absolute warrior against Auburn on Saturday. Once again, he's a guy who can't win them by himself, but lord knows he came close. Tebow is a vicious, hard-nosed downhill runner, and an explosive, and efficient passer. I am not dropping him for that effort. In fact, I found myself respecting him even more after that performance. If Florida rises up and strikes down LSU, then Tebow will be leading the whole pack.

#4) Mike Hart, RB, Michigan

I know I'll probably get killed for this one. But I could care less. Mike Hart is an absolute stud, and he deserves more respect. The losses to App. St. and Oregon were simply not his fault. He ran hard, he ran for big yards, and he got yards when his team needed him. Watching him hurl his body time and time again against the brick wall of the PSU defense was a sight to behold. The guy is an absolute fighter, and he'll go in and make the plays that have to be made. I also must give credit to his willingness to step in and block. He fearlessly took on a charging Dan Connor and absolutely stuffed him. That's the kind of play that won't show up on his Heisman reel, but it why I'd vote for him.

#5) Chase Daniel, QB, Mizzou

The big man doesn't have a monopoly on the little man here. Chase is the heart and soul of this Missouri team. He makes plays with his legs and his arm. He's also only a sophomore, so you can only wonder what else he's capable of. As much love as Tebow gets (and I agree, he's above Chase here) Daniel has been completely overlooked. I'd be more exciting to see Chase in action this weekend, but I'll be sitting about a thousand rows deep watching Iowa and Penn St. try to bore eachother to death with predictable running plays directly up the gut. Back to the point, Chase Daniel is an exciting player, and deserves mention with the Heisman big boys.


Nice list but what about Graham Harrell, and Colt Brennan. I dont think McFadden has a shot because the losses so far for Arkansas. I do believe the front runner is Tim Tebow. Check out my blog,it gives the reason why Tebow will get the Heisman

I've got to say that Harrell and Brennan are questionable options. Harrell doesn't stand a chance, that team will lose plenty of games and they always produce numbers. Brennan only stands a chance if Hawaii goes undefeated, and even then his numbers need to get better. He's turning the ball over way to much to very, very, very suspect defenses. If you're going to win on the island you have to be perfect.

And even then it may not be enough.

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