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It is shocking to me that South Florida linebacker (1) Ben Moffit doesn't get more hype. This kid is an absolute stud middle backer, who is equally adept at stopping the run (8 tackles versus West Virginia) as he is dropping into coverage (2 picks, one returned for a TD). If this kid isn't the leading Butkus award candidate after that performance they might as well stop giving out the award. I cannot wait for the Patriots to draft this kid in the 2nd round next year......Everyone will remember this past weekend for the huge upsets, but the real question is will people remember the coaching performances both great and terrible? First up, the good: I have been all over (2) Tommy Tubberville this year, but he showed balls big enough to come in a dump truck when he went for it on fourth down up 7-0 in the first half. It was the right move. If you want to win a game against a higher ranked team on the road you have to take chances, but I bet 99 out of 100 coaches would have taken the 10-0 lead. Tommy put his ass on the line, and his players responded......Speaking of Auburn, we'd be remiss if we didn't mention the BRILLIANT gameplans of both offensive coordinator (3) Al Borges, and defensive coordinator (4) Will Muschamp. Borges' gameplan was nothing short of genius. Auburn had three freshman starting on the offensive line, facing a defense whose strength is the pass rush along the front 4. So what does Borges do? He installs a dink and dunk passing attack almost exclusively out of the three step drop. He uses tosses and sweeps to get his young lineman into space and take advantage of an overpursuing front 7. Borges called a near perfect game, and used pretty much the only gameplan that this Auburn team could use against a far superior Florida defense......Muschamp was equally brilliant. Muschamp committed 8, sometimes 9 guys to stopping Tim Tebow on running downs, and turned his superior pass rushers loose on passing downs while dropping 6 or 7 guys into coverage. Essentially, Muschamp was able to turn the Gators into a one trick pony. Tebow accounted for 276 of the Gators 312 yards! The bottom line is that no matter how good you are, one player cannot win a game himself......The last of the brilliant coaching performance shout outs goes to little known (5) Matt Wallerstedt of Kansas State. Matt coaches the special teams and linebackers for the Wildcats, and his two units just about beat the vaunted Texas Longhorns themselves. Let's see, one of Wallerstedt's linebackers, Ian Campbell, returned a pick of Colt McCoy 41 yards for a TD. That's 7 points. His kick return units returned a kick 85 yards to pay dirt, and a punt 44 yards. That's 21 points. Throw in two field goals, and Wallerstedt coached players accounted for 27 points, outdoing the entire Texas team by 6. That is an assistant coach who earned his money!......Now on to the terrible. It comes as no surprise to anyone that Clemson's (6) Tommy Bowden is on this list. After a brilliant start to the season the Tigers lost a game they absolutely HAD to win at Georgia Tech. Tech came in losers of two in a row and in utter disrepair, and the Tigers commit mistake after mistake to hand them the game. Seriously, has there ever been a coach whose team loses more touchdowns because of penalties than Tommy Bowden? Ugh, I can't even begin to discuss this game, especially after my man Cullen Harper played his heart out only to be victimized by countless dropped passes (actually I did count, there were 7)......How dare you (7) Bob Stoops and (8) Mack Brown. How dare you allow your teams to look ahead one week to the Red River Shootout and get dropped by unranked teams that had no business even hanging around. How dare you deprive of the college football community of what would have been an epic showdown of undefeated rivals. It's not just awful for the teams, but it's awful for college football.......Welcome to New York for the Heisman ceremony Mr. (9) Desean Jackson. Jackson's eye popping performance against Oregon (11 catches for 161 yards and 2 TD) was the single best big game receiving performance since a guy named Braylon Edwards was at Michigan......And finally, I can't resist, if (10a) Anthony Morigami had half the stones that Auburn true freshman kicker (10b) Wes Byrum had, the Nittany Lions would be undefeated and the prohibitive favorites in the Big 10.


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