The Baron Strikes Back  

Posted by Frazier

Our friend The Baron frequently drops us a line at, and occasionally we feel obliged to pass along his wisdom to others. Recent gripes have included the demise of the white running back (Jacob Hester got him all hot and bothered) and, of course, Michigan. Anyways, here are the Baron's thoughts as a Buckeye:


No one could have predicted the depths to which the Big Blue has fallen, but Buckeyes fans have seen it coming. For at least five years now Michigan has been like Russia during the Cold War; the rest of the world watched in awe as they showcased their arsenal (Henne, Hart, Manningham) but internally their foundation was neglected and crumbling (defensive play, in game management and play calling). Just like the mighty Ruskies, it was only a matter of time before the facade fell away and a country in disarray emerged, leaving the rest of the world shocked at incredibly they had overestimated their firepower. Buckeye nation was only too happy to take five out of the last six meetings, but it was obvious this wasn't the same Michigan we had seen for the last 109 years. For now there is only one superpower in the rivalry. Fire Carr and bring in Putin? It worked for Russia, Ann Arbor should keep their options open.
- The Baron Von Nutenstein

If you think the Baron is a funny dude, check out his blog: Thanks. -Frazier

Yes, we shamelessly plug our friends.


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