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Posted by Frazier

Sorry, my response to the big man's position on the SEC will probably have to wait until next week. Unfortunately I actually have to work a little these days, and it's totally throwing a monkey wrench into all my screwing around activities.

I just wanted to mention this news article about Terry Hoeppner, the coach at Indiana. We've stated before that we hoped this situation could be resolved with Hep healthy and coaching from the sidelines. Unfortunately, it looks like his health will once again prevent him from leading the Hoosiers this year.

We can all just hope that this latest news does not signify problems with Hep's recovery, or a recurrence on his brain cancer. It's a shame he won't be leading his team next year, but let's hope he's out there ready for 2008. The 323 is in your corner, coach.

Don't quit.


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