The Great Debate: The SEC  

Posted by Walter

Now that we've come to some sort of "conclusion" regarding Pete Carroll, it's time now to turn to another great debate. This time the question is whether the SEC, as a conference, is overrated.

I say yes, and not only that the SEC overrated, but outside of the Big 10 it is the MOST overrated conference in the country. Let's be clear on one thing, though. The SEC is clearly the best and most competitive conference in the nation. It's just that listening to national pundits and, more obnoxiously, SEC fans talk about the conference, you'd think you were dealing with some sort of Mortal Kombat for football. The SEC is a great conference, but it's not nearly the week-in, week-out death match that SECers would have us believe.

Just how good is the SEC vis-a-vis the rest of the nation? - Well we all know that Florida and LSU both took care of business in their BCS bowls, but what about the rest? Alabama lost to a very mediocre Oklahoma State team. Arkansas (supposedly the conference's #3 team) lost to an untested Wisconsin team (who, by the way, was coming out of the wildly overrated Big 10). And Tennessee was beaten soundly by yet another weak Big 10 team in Penn State. Yes I know that teams like Auburn (over Nebraska), Georgia (over Va Tech) and Kentucky (over Clemson) had nice victories, but are any of those victories enough to offset the losses. Its impossible to ignore what Florida and LSU did, but isn't it possible that their big wins have brought on the hype just a bit too much?


Clarett's Syndrome   says 2:02 PM

I have no opinion on this, but I do have a link to some Jeff Sagarin math that you might find useful. It shows that the SEC is the #1 conference in the land, for what it's worth.

Anonymous   says 1:17 AM

Do you realize that this is the only conference where fans use the excuse "Our conference is too hard" when they lose a conference game. I didnt hear one USC,West Virginia, Or Texas fan complain when they got upset.
They also use that excuse to schedule some of the most cupcake teams in the nation, vandy, and the mississippi schools are among the weakest in the nation. I could go on but thats enough ranting on your blog.

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