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Posted by Frazier

Just wanted to put up a quick hitch on this story about Terry Hoeppner at Indiana. Terry has bravely been fighting back from brain cancer for the last couple of years, and has managed a very respectable 9-14 record over two years at one of the more difficult major schools to coach at. Terry is a good ball coach, and a great leader. He has clearly been inspirational not just to his team, but to thousands of cancer survivors across the nation.

Here's hoping that Terry is able to take the field with his team in the fall. It's definitely a difficult, and sensitive situation, and we hope that everyone keeps the best interests of the team in mind. We know they want to take the field for their coach, but if that isn't going to be possible, they need the opportunity to learn from a new teacher, and try to reach their potential on the gridiron.

Clearly, the best-case scenario is that it's Terry leading the charge.


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