The Great Debate: Pete Carroll  

Posted by Frazier

Welcome to The Great Debate. Basically, it's Walter and I arguing about matters related to college football. It's pretty much what we do all day anyways, but now it's a regular feature. Also, it currently has a fairly lame name, so if you can think of anything better (preferrably a witty college football reference) let us know. Without further ado, a bold statement:

Pete Carroll is the best college football coach on the planet right now.

This doesn't mean that Carroll is better than Joe Paterno or Bobby Bowden, but right now, he sure as hell is. It doesn't mean he's the best of all-time, but if you had to build a program today, you'd hire big Pete. It's that simple. In fact, it's a surprisingly easy argument. Since he started coaching 6 years ago, he's won a staggering 84.4% of his games, and that was after a 2-5 start. He's got the best active winning percentage of anyone doing this for at least 5 years. He has NEVER lost in November (20-0). He has a pair of national championships (in six years, compared to a pair for Bowden over 40) and was an incredible Vince Young preformance away from a third.

He has lost a single game by more than a touchdown (11 points).

He has lost 12 games by a total of 51 points (a 4.3 point average).

USC was #1 according to the AP for a record 33 consecutive weeks.

Frankly, it's Pete Carroll and everybody else.


Clarett's Syndrome   says 3:11 PM

At the risk of sounding like someone who doesn’t like or doesn’t understand college football, don’t you think that recruiting plays an absurdly large role in the success of your teams? Like, you could be a great recruiter and a lousy in-game coach, and still win tons of games?

Do you think Pete Carroll is the best gameplan and in-game coach, too? I don’t watch enough football on Saturdays to know. If you had to win a game with any team and had two weeks to prepare – as opposed to your situation of starting a program from scratch – whom would you choose?

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