Five Fearless Predictions - NFL Draft  

Posted by Walter

1. The New England Patriots will NOT make picks at both #24 and #28.

As things stand at the moment, the Patriots have a whopping 10 total picks, including 5 in the last two rounds. There is zero chance that the Pats add 10 rookies to their roster, especially after they added so many players via free agency. With so many teams desperate to trade down in round 1, I would not be shocked to see the Pats package both picks to move way up in round 1, and possibly pick up a 2nd round pick in the process.

2. Adrian Peterson will be the Aaron Rodgers of 2007.

New NFL Commish Roger Goodell has invited Jamarcus Russell, Brady Quinn, Calvin Johnson, Gaines Adams, and Peterson to the draft in NY. Among those five players, only Peterson and Quinn have a realistic chance of free falling, and even Quinn will undoubtedly be gone by #9 (to the Dolphins) at the very latest. Peterson, on the other hand, already had major durability questions, and his continuing clavicle problems have no make teams wary. I wouldn't be shocked if Peterson fell all the way to the late first round.

3. Calvin Johnson will be taken second overall.

But it won't be by the Detroit Lions. Assuming the Raiders take Jamarcus Russell, that #2 overall pick becomes extremely valuable because of Johnson. Detroit wants to trade down, and they will be inundated with offers to do so if Johnson is available. The usual suspects will all make inquiries (Atlanta, Denver, Minnesota), but the dark horse in the Calvin Johnson sweepstakes will be the New England Patriots. They are the only team that can offer Detroit 2 first round picks.

4. The Washington Redskins will do something stupid.

Now this takes talent. The Skins were one of the worst teams in the league last year, YET somehow they only have 1 first day draft pick. It boggles the mind. It is common knowledge that 2007 will be Joe Gibbs last season in Washington, so look for the Skins, and owner Dan Snyder, to once again go for the quick fix. They currently have the #6 overall pick, but I wouldn't be shocked if they traded that pick away in a stupid deal for a veteran player like Asante Samuel or Lance Briggs.

5. There will be three quarterbacks taken in round 1.

Jamarcus Russell and Brady Quinn are locks, but there will be another. Not unlike what Baltimore did years ago when they traded their first round pick for the following year to New England so they could grab Kyle Boller, some team will trade back into the end of the first round to snag the third best signal caller on their board. Hard to say right now who that player will be, but I could definitely see teams falling in love with Troy Smith, Trent Edwards or Drew Stanton. The possible dark horse is BYU product John Beck, who'd look great in a Bears uniform at #31.


All the big sites will tell you that you can't give draft grades until years after the draft, but FANS LOVE DRAFT GRADES. I'm hoping you don't disappoint.

We'll definitely be doing in depth draft grades. Look for those to come out next week along with a host of other post draft analysis.

I DEMAND draft grades. Immediately. And Miami better fail.

Frazier   says 6:39 PM

Draft grades ARE coming.

And Miami will be getting an F-minus-minus.

Possibly a Q.

That was horrendous.

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