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Ok, so we don't get a whole lot of it, but we're always thrilled when we do. Here is the latest edition:

Subject: Jarrett Falling!

Dear 323:

Jarrett is the newest example of teams over-relying on speed, quickness off the line is important, but entire bodies of work are being ignored in lieu of an artifical indicator. The 40 is like the SAT's, it's not completely useless, but ignoring a GPA in favor of a test score is no indication of how hard a guy will study at your university...and yes I'm thinking of Mr. "Frazier" when I write that. You could easily put together a list of all-time combine busts, guys who saw their stock vastly overinflated due to higher than expected combine performances. I'd love to see you boys go at it.
The Baron Von Nutenstein


The 323 really does love Jarrett. Trust me, I saw him in person, and he was phenomenal. He has great hands, great size, and was dominant in college. It's just one thing: so was Mike Williams. Now, Williams apparently had more character issues than anyone was aware, and his lack of conditioning with the Lions has been unsettling. However, the comparisons are there to be made. Williams slipped because he lacked a great 40 time, and the same could be said for Jarrett. It also hurts that while Jarrett hasn't been able to show us anything lately, Bowe was tearing up Senior Bowl Week, and moving way up most charts. Although I think the 323 would favor Jarrett over Ginn any day of the week (and twice on Sundays, when they play the games), Ginn won't be a bust, and Jarrett might be. Ginn has too much inate talent, namely his speed, to be completely worthless. But every year a wide receiver (or three) turn into complete busts, and it just looks like Jarrett might be falling into that gap. I'm a Jarrett fan, and even I can't ignore the Williams comparisons, and they make me nervous. So yeah, Jarrett is slipping. Unfortunately for him, right now USC wide receivers are in the "show me" pile. Jerry Rice may have run a 4.6, and in his case it certainly didn't indicate anything. But Jarrett also ain't Jerry, and he might be Mike.

Jarrett has an opportunity to be a real mover if he runs well at the combine. His stock may be as low as it's going to get.

As for myself... In my defense, I didn't work very hard for my SAT score either, so I think it was pretty representative of my college career.

Finally, we'll take a look at the all-time combine busts. This definitely deserves some thought. Thanks for reading. Thanks even more for writing.


PS: Fuck the LAPD.


It's also worth mentioning that much of Jarrett's fall is due in part to his own skills. Simply put, this is a VERY deep WR class and many of the other prospects have worked out extremely well and are passing Jarrett. At the end of the season everyone had Calvin Johnson and Tedd Ginn ahead of Jarrett, but someone like Dwayne Bowe, who was once considered an afterthought, lit up the Sr. Bowl and has established himself as a better prospect than he was originally given credit for. Ditto goes for guys like Robert Meachem and Jason Hill, whose blazing 40 times have pushed them ahead of Jarrett.

The bottom line is that Jarrett's projected slow 40 time notwithstanding, other guys are simply working out extremely well and moving ahead of him.

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