The323 NFL Draft Big Board (2/27 combine update)  

Posted by Walter

1. Calvin Johnson - Wide Reciever, Georgia Tech
Momentum - Steady
- 6'5'', 239 lbs. a 4.35 40 time and he's a model citizen! How can the Raiders not start considering him with the #1 overall pick?

2. Joe Thomas - Tackle, Wisconsin
Momentum - Rising
- Thomas came to combine at 6'6'' and 311 lbs. and then proceeded to prove just how athletic he is by running a 4.92 40. Thomas is the best left tackle prospect in a long time.

3. Jamarcus Russell - Quarterback, LSU
Momentum - Steady
- His missing the combine won't hurt his stock one bit, especially since his primary competition (Brady Quinn) wussed out as well.

4. Laron Landry - Safety, LSU
Momentum - Steady
- Landry measured at over 6'' and 213 lbs. then ran a 4.35 40, which is absurd given his run support skills. His triangle numbers are starting to look just ridiculous.

5. Adrien Peterson - Running Back, Oklahoma
Momentum - Steady
- All along Peterson has been saying he'd run a 4.4 but nobody really believed him. Well he did, and now could go as high as #3 to Cleveland.

6. Gaines Adams - Defensive End, Clemson
Momentum - Rising
- Despite coming to the combine at nearly 260 lbs., Adams ran a sizzling 4.64 to go along with some outstanding performances in the short shuttle and 3 cone drills.

7. Amobi Okoye - Defensive Tackle, Louisville
Momentum - Rising
- Okoye put on about 10 lbs. prior to the combine (showing up at 302 lbs.) yet he showed off his athleticism as he was one of only 5 DT to run a sub 5.0.

8. Jamaal Anderson - Defensive End, Arkansas
Momentum - Falling
- Anderson did not work out at the combine and was passed by Gaines Adams. He still has plenty of time to work his way back up boards though.

9. Adam Carriker - Defensive End, Nebraska
Momentum - Major Riser
- Is there anything this guy can't do. After displaying unheralded athleticism at the senior bowl Carriker (6'6'', 296) shows up and runs a 4.9 while putting up 33 bench reps. The guy is a freak.

10. Alan Branch - Defensive Tackle, Michigan
Momentum - Rising
6'5'' 324 lb. men who can rep 225 lbs. 33 times should not...I repeat should NOT, be able to run the 40 in 5.09.

11. Brady Quinn - Quarterback, Notre Dame

Momentum - Falling
- This is about where Quinn should be, and it could be where he ends up getting drafted (Miami or Houston). It is looking like a certainty that Quinn will be drafted after Russell.

11. Patrick Willis - Inside Linebacker, Mississippi
Momentum - Steady
- Willis performed very well at the combine, running a surprising 4.51. However, the only concern with him is his durability and his paltry 22 bench reps won't help.

12. Paul Poszlusny - Linebacker, Penn State
Momentum - steady
- Puz was just OK in Indy, running a 4.65 and putting up 22 bench reps....but his top competition at OLB struggled so his draft stock remains steady.

13. Levi Brown - Tackle, Penn State
Momentum - Steady
- Levi's 5.39 40 is not good. His 31 bench reps is good. Still, we know the big man can play. Joe Staley not working out keeps Brown as the consensus #2 tackle.

14. Dwayne Bowe - Wide Reciever, LSU
Momentum - Steady
- Bowe slimmed down for the combine but it didn't really help his 40 time. Still, he is a physical WR who doesn't solely rely on speed so it's not a huge deal for him.

15. Ryan Kalil - Center, USC
Momentum - Rising
- The little engine that could just keeps chugging. Kalil was a one man show at the combine: 4.96 40, 34 bench reps, and a 4.34 short shuttle. Maybe #15 to Pittsburgh isn't too high.

16. Justin Blalock - Guard, Texas
Momentum - Rising
- Blalock ran a respectable 5.1 for a guard, but what was really impressive was his 40 bench reps. What a monster this guy is going to be for some NFL team.

17. Leon Hall - Cornerback, Michigan
Momentum - Rising
- Still not squarely on the Hall bandwagon, but his 4.39 40 was very, very impressive for a classic Michigan corner.

18. Chris Houston - Cornerback, Arkansas
Momentum - Major Riser
- Are you kidding me!!!! 4.32 speed and 27 bench reps for a corner!!!! How has this guy slipped below the radar for so long?

19. Greg Olsen - Tight End, Miami

Momentum - Major Riser
- WOW. Everyone thought this draft was devoid of a blue chip TE (the323 included), but Oslen proved us all wrong with a 4.46 and 23 bench reps.

20. Tedd Ginn Jr. - Wide Reciever, Ohio State
Momentum - Falling
- Ginn didn't run at the combine but a lot of his competition did run, and ran well (Meachem, Gonzalez, Rice). We'll still give Ginn the benefit of the doubt but he has to light up the turf at the OSU pro day.

21. Reggie Nelson - Safety, Florida
Momentum - Falling
It's not that a 4.48 is a bad time, but when your main competition (Laron Landry), who is already a better run support player, blisters a 4.35.....well that's not going to be good for your draft stock.

22. Robert Meachem - Wide Reciever, Tennessee
Momentum - Steady
- His 4.39 is just outstanding, and if Ginn doesn't deliver in Columbus, Meachem has positioned himself to be the top deep threat off the board.

23. David Harris - Inside Linebacker, Michigan
Momentum - Major Riser
- Originally viewed as simply a thumping run stuffer, Harris shocked everyone with a 4.59 40 in Indy. By way of comparison, that time beat supposed "speed OLB's" Paul Poszlusny by .06 and Jon Beason by .13.

24. Aaron Ross - Cornerback, Texas
Momentum - Rising
- Ross didn't exactly light up the combine, but he performed quite well (4.44 and 17 reps) so let's not forget how good he looked at the Sr. Bowl.

25. Sidney Rice - Wide Reciever, South Carolina
Momentum - Rising
- The forgotten man made his presence known in Indy. A 4.45 is very solid for a man his size, and his 39.5 vertical is just ridiculous. Also, word was that he was the most impressive WR running routes and catching the ball in drills.

Fell off the board: Lawrence Timmons (FSU), Darrell Revis (Pitt), Joe Staley (C. Mich.), Dwayen Jarrett (USC)

just missed the cut......Jarrett, Revis, Anthony Gonzalez (OSU), Tim Crowder (Texas), Tony Ugoh (Arkansas)


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