2007 Mock Draft 2nd Round-Part 2  

Posted by Walter

49. Jacksonville Jaguars - Troy Smith, QB Ohio State

Walter: The Jags would probably prefer Drew Stanton, but Smith is also the type of mobile, accurate QB the coaching staff likes (aka the exact opposite of Byron Leftwich). The Jags don't have the skill position personnel or coaching to excel in the vertical passing game, but Smith gives them the type of improvisational presence they haven't had since Mark Brunell left.

FF: Do we need a third quarterback? Really? I am not ready for another project. Let's just play consistently. Also, this kid folded in the big game. Ugh. I am sick.

50. Cincinnati Bengals - Greg Olsen, TE Miami

Walter: If Olsen is available this is an absolute lock. Zach Miller and Olsen run neck in neck, and the Bengals, who are loaded at every skill position other than TE, are ecstatic to add another dimension to their offense this late in the draft.

FF: If we can stay out of jail, we're dangerous. We have awesome skill players, but who the hell is our tight end? I love it.

51. Tennessee Titans - Justin Harrell, DT Tennessee

Walter: Robaire Smith is a keeper, but Albert Haynesworth might be on his way out thanks to his mediocre play and character concerns. Harrell is a hometown product who is tough as nails, and may be able to start right away.

FF: I just hope he isn't into stomping on people's faces. I loved the kid at Tennessee, and I'm more than happy that I can follow him in the pros.

52. New York Giants - Chris Houston, CB Arkansas

Walter: Houston would be a huge pickup for a Giants secondary that couldn't cover anyone in 2006. Houston is an NFL ready coverman, who excelled in college against top competition. This would be excellent value this late in the draft for the G-Men.

FF: Dear god do we need secondary help! I couldn't be happier. The only thing better would be for us to draft consistent play from Eli.

53. Denver Broncos - Eric Weddle, DB Utah

Walter: The untimely death of Darrent Williams leaves the Broncos thinner in the secondary, and the versatile Weddle may be the answer. While someone like Eric Wright could also be a possibility, Weddle's presence would allow starting FS Dominique Foxworth to slide right over the Williams' vacated CB spot.

FF: This just makes me sad. Weddle can step in and play Williams' position, but it's just such a tragedy that it's come to this. Let's just move on.

54. Dallas Cowboys - Ryan McBean, DT Oklahoma State

Walter: McBean is probably a better fit as a DE in the 3-4 but he is the best DT prospect left. Chris Canty is a keeper at one end spot, but Marcus Spears has been somewhat of a disappointment. Probably a reach here, and I may eventually rethink this pick.

FF: The defensive completely fell apart at the end of the year, so I think it's the right move. We just couldn't stop opponents from scoring. Not that I know who this guy is or anything.

55. Kansas City Chiefs
- Buster Davis, MLB Florida State

Walter: With Kendrell Bell and Derrick Johnson on the outside, the Chiefs badly need a stud in the middle. Davis may not look the part, but he is a tackling machine who will instantly improve any defense he plays for. Secondary is also a concern, but Davis is a better prospect than any of the defensive backs available.

FF: I am THRILLED! This guy is the opposite of Derrick Johnson. He might not have the measurables, but he is going to make plays. I also love how he lights up opponents. A tackling middle linebacker is a HUGE boost. I love it.

56. Seattle Seahawks - Charles Johnson, DE Georgia

Walter: Bryce Fisher and Grant Wistrom are solid starters but they are getting up there in age. Johnson is a solid all around end prospect who will immediately infuse youth and depth to the Seattle defensive line.

FF: I like it. We've got a good team, but we can always use some more defensive pressure. I also like building for the future. Nice pick!

New York Jets - Jarvis Moss, DE Florida

Walter: Moss is just a defensive athlete who is more like a new toy for head coach Eric Mangini. Just like his master, Belichick, Mangini likes to change up fronts and bring pressure from different directions. Moss is the type of player who can line up in any number of places and either rush the passer or drop into coverage.

FF: The Mangenius is going to find ways to get this kid involved. He's an amazing athlete, and will terrorize quarterbacks. He can be one of those hybrid DE-LB guys. I love it!

58. Philadelphia Eagles
- Stewart Bradley, OLB Nebraska

Walter: The Eagles badly need some youth and depth at the OLB position, and Bradley fits the bill. Coach Andy Reid tends to prefer bigger linebackers who can take on blocks (J Trotter and D Jones come to mind) and Bradley is probably the best in this draft at doing that.

FF: We got our receiver, and now we will get back to work on defensive. We helped the line last year, let's help the backers this time around. Still not sure where we've fallen off defensively.

59. New Orleans Saints - HB Blades, MLB Pittsburgh

Walter: The Saints have invested a number of high round picks in linebackers in recent years, but to no avail. Blades is a rugged, polished middle backer who will solidify the Saints ability to stop the run, and could end up being a steal this late in the draft. Look for him to start right away.

FF: Our linebackers played valiantly last year, but just weren't that good. This kid showed some real production. Can't say I'm disappointed.

60. New England Patriots
- Lamar Woodley, DE/OLB Michigan

Walter: Just like Mangini picking Moss, Woodley is an attractive guy to Belichick because he is capable of lining up in different places and doing different things. Woodley reminds me of a shorter version of Willie McGinest, and I would expect Belichick to take advantage of his skill set in a similar way.

FF: Like Belichick won't know how to use him? Second coming of Willie McGinist? Oh god, that would be perfect. We really, really missed Willie.

61. Baltimore Ravens - Jason Hill, WR Washington State

Walter: Brian Billick loves Wazzou recievers (he drafted Devard Darling about 2 rounds too early a couple of seasons ago) and in Hill he gets a good one. Derrick Mason looks done, and Hill is almost a perfect compliment to Mark Clayton. I also wouldn't be shocked if the Ravens took Drew Stanton or Troy Smith if either was available.

FF: Our offense is fucking awful. This is exactly the sort of thing we need. Now we just need Lewis to figure himself out, or go another direction with our running game. Too bad fucking Billick will waste him because he isn't exactly the offensive genius he thinks he is.

62. San Diego Chargers - Brandon Siler, LB Florida

Walter: Donnie Edwards and Randall Godfrey are solid starters but they are both on the wrong side of 30. Siler is a class ILB who will need some seasoning, but should eventually become a strong NFL starter.

FF: I loved what Siler did in college, and we're fucking loaded. But we did get a linebacker shot last year, so a little depth here doesn't hurt.

63. Chicago Bears - Ryan Harris, OT Notre Dame

Walter: The Bears need depth and youth up front and Harris is the best offensive line prospect available. This pick will be dictated by their first pick though. If they go QB at the end of round 1, they could target Olsen or Iowa TE Scott Chandler here.

FF: The line looked a little flimsy in the super bowl, so this might be good. Really, we are all set on deffense. Another receiver wouldn't exactly kill us. Still, not a ton of needs.

64. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Brian Leonard, RB Rutgers

Walter: Another guy Gruden coached in Mobile, Leonard reminds many of a faster, more fluid Mike Alstott. After the Senior Bowl Gruden was reportedly smitten with the Rutgers star, and he would team with Cadillac Williams to form a potent 1-2 combination.

FF: Is this kid a running back, or a fullback? Put the pounds back on, and be a fucking bruiser. If he's a fullback, that's great, I love Alstott, but if he's just a slow running back, I mean, is this really compensation for the Booger?


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