2007 Mock Draft 2nd Round-Part 1  

Posted by Walter

33. Oakland Raiders - Ben Grubbs, OG Auburn

Walter: The Raiders O-Line was terrible in 2006, despite the fact that they do have some young talent. In fact, they are actually set at center (Jake Grove) and tackle (Robert Gallery and Langston Walker). Grubbs is perhaps the best and most athletic natural guard in the draft and is a steal at 33.

Frazier Fan: Really? I mean, I'd like to protect the new quarterback, but we also don't have a running game. At all. Come on, give our young head coach some weapons!

34. Detroit Lions - Tony Ugoh, OT Arkansas

Walter: Jeff Backus is a solid starter, but is getting old. With Brady Quinn now in tow the Lions desperately need a young tackle to protect his blind side for the next 10 seasons. Ugoh has first round size and talent, but falls into Detroit's lap due to excellent position depth.

FF: I guess it can't hurt. But we better be making some defensive improvements through free agency. Still, we have plenty of holes.

35. Cleveland Browns - Ryan Kalil, C USC

Walter: Even after taking Joe Thomas in round 1 the Browns still need OL help. Kalil is a starting caliber center right now who will push all pro LeCharles Bentley to gaurd, and give the Browns the best young O-Line nucleus in the entire league.

FF:I'm not super-thrilled about the whole thing, but we had a black hole at the center position last year. Frankly, I'm just concerned for Kalil's health. Be careful, you might be cursed!

36. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Victor Abiamiri, DE Notre Dame

Walter: Simeon Rice is getting old, and Dewayne White is all but gone in free agency. Abiamiri is incredibly talented but raw, and is a perfect fit as a strong side DE in Tampa's cover 2 scheme. Jon Gruden coached him in the Senior Bowl and we know how easily he falls in love with those guys.

FF: Yeah, it was great to see Booger McFarland win a super bowl this year, I just wish it had been from our friggin team! We gave him away, so we damn well better be getting younger on the D-line.

37. Arizona Cardinals - Aaron Sears, OT Tennessee

Walter: Assuming the Cards miss out on Joe Thomas in round 1, they will have to jump on the best tackle prospect left on the board at 37. Sears isn't a prototype like Thomas, but he should be a capable starter and can easily slide inside to guard if a better prospect later becomes available.

FF: Finally! We need o-line help, there is no doubt about that. Either Edge aged in dog years, or our line was a major problem. I'm getting excited...

38. New York Jets - Mike Bush, RB Louisville

Walter: Leon Washington proved in 2006 that he can be an effective half of a tailback tandem. Bush provides Eric Mangini with the thunder to Washington's lightning. Had Bush not hurt himself as a Senior he'd be long gone by now so the Jets are thrilled to get their hands on him.....assuming he's all healed up.

FF: Wait, who is this guy again? I'm pretty sure he got plenty of hype, and if he's healthy, yeah, this could work! I'd love more offensive balance. Rock on!

39. Minnesota Vikings - Marcus McCauley, CB Fresno State

Walter: Antoine Winfield is the only guy on the roster who is both healthy and a legitimate NFL cornerback, and he is getting old. McCauley has first round talent but hasn't always lived up to his potential. Still, at 39 he is well worth the gamble for the Vikes.

FF: Definitely liking the pick. This guy is friggin good, and Childress will keep his ass in line. It's the NFL, you gotta be able to defend the pass.

40. Houston Texans - Quinn Pitcock, DT Ohio State

Walter: Aside from the offensive line, the Texans biggest need is on the defensive front. After switching from the 3-4 to the 4-3 they desperately need defensive tackles to plug in. Pitcock fits the bill nicely, as a class 4-3 tackle who can probably compete to start from day 1.

FF: I'm still a little pissed about the Mario Williams thing, but maybe he'll blossom if we get him some help up front. So if he's good, maybe it's like getting two players!

41. Miami Dolphins - Jon Beason, OLB Miami

Walter: Zach Thomas is still great in the middle, and Channing Crowder looks good on the strong side, but that still leaves one open spot. Beason is a class 4-3 weak side backer, and the fact that he is a local product won't hurt one bit.

FF: Hmmmm, more help on the defensive side of things? Isn't that our strength? I like that he's a local guy, but that's about it.

42. Atlanta Falcons - Tank Tyler, DT NC State

Walter: Grady Jackson and Rod Coleman are great but old, and there are no other NFL caliber defensive tackles on the roster (Darrel Shropshire and John Babineux....please). Tyler won't have to start right away, but he would look good as a situational pass rusher for Jackson in 2007.

FF: We could use some help up the middle. I'm really not sure what is wrong with us, but I think this might help. Let's get tougher.

43. San Francisco 49ers - Anthony Gonzalez, WR Ohio State

Walter: Gonzalez may be a bit of a reach here, but the niners desperately need a playmaker on the outside. This actually wouldn't be a terrible landing spot for Gonzalez as he would be free to play as the slot reciever (his more natural NFL position) in SF's west coast attack.

FF: I love getting a wide receiver. We have the running back, the tight end, and the quarterback. Now we need someone to get open. I just don't know if this is the right guy. I keep hearing it's a deep year for WR's, and this guy still seems a little slow. Although, I love his college production, isn't he a #3?

44. Buffalo Bills - Marshall Yanda, OG Iowa

Walter: O-Line is a huge need for the Bills, especially at guard where they have only Duke Preston and Mike Gandy. Yanda is probably a better player right now than either of them, plus he has the ability to play right tackle where the Bill currently employ Terrance Pennington.

FF: We need some help. JP is a total disaster with rushers in his face, so this is a good move.

45. Saint Louis Rams - Anthony Spencer, DE/OLB Purdue

Walter: For years the Rams best and most productive defensive player has been Leonard Little. Spencer is a Little clone who projects as either a DE (a la little) or an OLB. Both are need areas for the Rams, and Spencer gives them a future pass rushing star to replace Little when he starts to slow.

FF: We need a better defense. I am sick of scoring 25 points and losing, and our offensive should be fine again. And everyone loves sacks!

46. Carolina Panthers - Drew Stanton, QB Michigan State

Walter: Jake Delhomme has been somewhat of a revelation, but his game has already started to deteriorate. Stanton is an incredible talent who will be best served apprenticing for a year before taking over in 2008 or 2009. He is a perfect fit for Carolina as he fits the bill as QB of the future, but is also polished enough to serve as their backup immediately (so long Chris Weinke).

FF: Don't we already have a quarterback with slithering ability, good athleticism, and shaky decision making? Stanton looked great one game, terrible the next. Or, against Notre Dame, it was literally half-to-half. Still, we need someone other than Weinke. I'm not sold.

47. Pittsburgh Steelers - Josh Beekman, OG Boston College

Walter: This may not be an immediate need for the Steelers as both Alan Faneca and Kendall Simmons are entrenched as starters, but the strength of the Pittsburgh offense has always been their line play and they badly need an infusion of youth. Beekman played some center in college and may even get a long look there with the retirement of Jeff Hartings. If Ryan Kalil is available here, he'd be a lock.

FF: I'm a fucking Steelers fan. Of course I want to be able to plow the road. I just hope he has a mean streak, because I'm ready to start hitting some people in the mouth.

48. Green Bay Packers - Brandon Merriweather, S Miami

Walter: Merriweather is a top 15 talent, but character concerns drop him all the way to the middle of the second round. The Packers addressed one need with Ted Ginn in round one, and they address another right here. Merriweather is such a good cover man he could probably start for the Pakcers at either free safety or cornerback in 2007.

FF: I LOVE this pick. Look, he's a great talent, and I don't have to be around him. Also, there isn't a whole lot of trouble to get into in Green Bay. Also, if this young man will listen to anyone, it'll be Brett Favre. I can't wait to watch him while I'm drinking a Schlitz, and eating some chedder.


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