Emerald Bowl Picks  

Posted by Walter


Florida State +4 over UCLA

Never has a bowl game with two such high profile name teams been such a "blah" game. I mean seriously, is anyone excited about this matchup? Still, we here at the323 are dedicated to brining you the best analysis we can, and that means chiming in on games as meaningless as this one. Another strange thing about this game is that these two teams, from opposite ends of the country, are somewhat mirror images of each other. Both have defenses far superior to their offenses, and both have unsettled quarterback situations. Don't expect a lot of points in this one, and it's really a hard game to pick because you get the feeling their could be a defensive score or two. UCLA has two stud defensive lineman in Bruce Davis and Justin Hickman, and they have the ability to take over a game themselves (just ask USC). Equal to the task though, is Florida State, who has playmakers like Buster Davis and Myron Rolle to counter. The bottom line is that both defenses should rule this game, and the game will be won by whichever team is able to muster one or two big plays on offense. Looking at the slate of skill position players in this one does not exactly read like a whose who of first round picks. That said, guys like Drew Weatherford and Lorenzo Booker have made plays for the Noles in the past (true it may have been three seasons ago), but the same cannot be said for the likes of Patrick Cowan and Chris Markey for UCLA. Call is Florida State 13-10.

Overall bowl record: 6-2


UCLA -4 over Florida St.

Another totally uninspiring bowl. Another game between two teams with good defenses and pathetic offenses. I just don't know if the 'Noles have it to go cross-country and do something right for a change. I love how they came to play in last year's Orange Bowl, they showed some pride that night. But I don't think they have enough on the line. Things are bad in Tallahassee right now, and UCLA is coming off a huge win. I think they keep it going. The 'Noles offense commits some turnovers, and UCLA capitalize. Let's call it 17-10.

Overall Bowl Record: 5-3


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