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Posted by Frazier

We're only picking one game this week, since there's one game and then everything else. Oh, and all the other crap that slowed everything this week also affected the picks. After my perfect week last time out, I'd love to pick more games, but there's a process over here at the 323, and without that process making picks just doesn't make sense. However, there is no way we're not picking the big one. So, without further ado:

Michigan -7 AT Ohio St.

Frazier -
Not going to lie, this line confuses me. I just can't see this as a touchdown game. Frankly, I think it could go either way. In fact, I think Michigan wins. Why? First, I've seen more from them, they have some pretty nice wins. Second, I think they destroy Pittman, and without him, the offense falters. Finally, I have a good feeling about Manningham. Maybe I'm an idiot, but I think the Wolverines have enough here. They win the classic, 17-14.

Walter - Defense, defense, defense, defense, Mike Hart. Pretty much all you need to know. (Note: He made the pick, I am providing his analysis based on earlier conversations.)


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