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Posted by Frazier

The Michigan-Ohio State game just ended. I have only one word: WOW! That game was absolutely worth the hype. I will comment on it some more later, I just wanted to say what an incredible game that was. Well played, thrilling, close to the final moments, with tons of passion, and talent, and coaching, and pretty much everything a college football fan could want. Amazing.


Clarett's Syndrome   says 11:37 AM

I'll let the numbers speak for themselves, you hater:

Frazier -- "I think they destroy Pittman"
Fact -- 18 rushes for 139 yards, 1 TD (not to mention Christopher Wells)

Frazier -- "I have a good feeling about Manningham."
Fact -- 6 catches for 86 yards, never sniffed the end zone, got outplayed by (my boy) Teddy Ginn

Walter, via Frazier -- "Defense, defense, defense, defense"
Fact -- 503 total net yards

Frazier -- "I think Michigan wins."
Fact -- Ohio State 42-39

Frazier -- "Maybe I'm an idiot"
Fact -- Welllll, I won't go there.

Yep, I was very, very, very, very, very wrong.

Although the destruction of the Micchigan defense I think caught everyone by surprise. Especially being gashed in the run game. Although some blown tackles led to inflated numbers, the Buckeyes still pushed the pile forward on every rush, they were routinely getting 4 yds/carry and were able to break a couple.

And, while Manningham didn't have an enormous game, I think his presence allowed Michigan to stretch the field and put up big numbers. Look at how different the Michigan offense is without him. His presence simply changes the way they play.

Ginn had a great game, no doubt. I still think he is under-utilized. I think the expectations for him have begun to match his skill and ability. He's not transcendent heisman-caliber. But he is incredibly dangerous, more like a Santana Moss (who is a hell of a player).

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